Jonathan…6 Months

6 months…the beginning of another important milestone for Jonathan boy.  At this stage, you can do more things with him and I just can’t wait for anything. 

Jonathan boy weighs 8.7 kg now. He has grown but not much taller as what I’ve always hope for because both Darling and myself are kinda short not tall.  He can still fit into the baby cot but because he is like a wiggling worm, we thought of moving him to sleep on his own bed so that he would have bigger space to turn and crawl around.  But no hurry on that as it’s still good to put him in the baby cot so to “lock” him up. You see, he loves to grab and pull anything within his reach then into his mouth.

He can turn on both sides wonderfully so the next thing I’m expecting from him is pulling up and moving from a sitting position to being on all fours (is it too soon for that?). I don’t expect much on crawling on fours (although he is able to rock back and forth since 5.5 months) as some babies may skip this step.

I can’t wait to feed him solid and now I can start doing so. Without the knowledge of my paediatrician (yup, my paed quite strict on Jonathan’s diet), I’d quietly fed him some cereal, steamed apple and Babybites. I just can’t wait to give him more like porridge, potato, fish, etc. It’s so much fun to have him joining us on the dining table and seeing him eating especially when he show you the weird first-taste look.

He got a tooth and soon teeth! I’ve been trying to make face to him so he will open his mouth wide but still unable to capture a nice and clear picture. Anyway, one tooth is half way out and another tooth coming soon. It started while he was 5.5 months when I felt something sharp on his gum. I can now take out the Pigeon Baby Training toothbrush for him.  I know he will loves it because anything in his hand will end up in his mouth.

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  1. Ann says:

    Oh…that is wonderful! It is exciting indeed to give them new food!

    By the way, any fever or anything when Jonathan’s forst tooth emerged?

    ... on July April 10th, 2008
  2. Julie says:

    Ann – Suprisingly no fever. Probably I couldn’t differentiate fever and body heat.

    ... on July April 10th, 2008
  3. debbie says:

    Wow…great to hear Jonathan has his first tooth. Anyhow, still be ware of him during this period.

    ... on July April 25th, 2008
  4. Julie says:

    Debbie – By the time you read this post, he got 2 teeth already. Both are sitting nicely on his gum. I hope he will have a nice sets of teeth like my husband.

    ... on July April 26th, 2008
  5. Ryan's mummy says:

    Wow… your boy’s growth and development very fast! My Ryan hasn’t cut a teeth yet though could feel the mould on his gum. I guess it’s coming out pretty soon. He’s going to be 6 months on next Monday. I can’t wait to feed him his cereal and I think I’m going to do it today… hehe 😛

    Oh ya, thanks for dropping by our blog! Can I add your blog?

    ... on July May 17th, 2008
  6. Julie says:

    Ryan’s mummy – Sure you can add my blog. I’ve added yours on my Cyberhome.

    Happy feeding!

    ... on July May 17th, 2008

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