A Sand and Sea Time…

Praise the Lord for the good weather. It was a bright and sunny afternoon. All set for a great beach time. Sis and I each prepared some snacks and finger foods. Baked chicken wings, baby potatoes & broccoli salads, fresh fruits from me. Vietnamese spring roll, inari and guacamole as the dipped for nachos from […]

For Egg & Burger Lover

My Darling is an egg lover. He can’t live without eggs. His favourite is half-boiled egg but funny thing is he himself could hardly done up a perfect half-boiled egg. Let me share with you my Darling’s own recipe of burger with egg. For those of you who are health concious, this is definitely something you are not interested […]

Fun Fair in Town

There’s a fun fair in town just beside Aeon Bukit Tinggi shopping mall. Euro Fun Park they called it. Since my SIL and her daughter was here last Saturday, we decided to bring the little ones there. Moreover it’s Jonathan’s first time so we want to see how is his reaction towards the whole event […]

“O”…for Orange

Jonathan boy is up on the October 2008 issue of Parenthood magazine’s “Baby’s First Meal” photo contest sponsored by Milna. It’s not easy to have your photo selected so I was blessed enough this time and the previous time. Just doing it for fun only when I am free to get those photos printed and post them […]

Got the Comment Fixed

Only realised that something went wrong with my comment box until one mommy blogger highlighted. Got it fixed by my Darling cum 24 hours tech support.

Jonathan’s 1st Birthday Celebration

It is not a grand one as many would have thought it would be for a child’s first birthday. We are so tempted to have one for Jonathan boy after seeing many parents out there were talking about and making plans for their child’s first birthday party. We think he’s too young to understand all the fun, perhaps […]

A Complete 12 Months

Everyone says time flies…Jonathan boy is one year old now. As I was swaddling him one night, I suddenly realized how big he is now. No longer the fragile baby I was holding 12 months ago. No longer can fit into my folded arms. From a 4kg baby to a 10kg boy. From 53cm to a height of 72cm. No longer a […]

You Are One, Jonathan Boy!

Jonathan is ONE!

Happy Birthday, Jonathan boy! You are a precious gift, a bright blessing from God to Daddy & Mommy. With joy we celebrate you, with confidence we entrust you into God’s constant loving care. And with faith we cling to His wise and wonderful plan for you. One year passed by, we have seen how great is […]

Dotty Chickenpox

It started with some red bumps like pimples on his forehead last Wednesday.  Then on Thursday, out came one under his nose. I undressed him for his morning bath and noticed one blister below his belly button. Later in the day, I saw more on his back. When I came back from work on Friday, I saw few new ones […]