Penang, here I come again!

Yipee! Will be traveling down to Penang this Friday for a special reason this time. Must drop by Nibong Tebal this time for the pork knuckle and squid. Can’t wait to have my all-time fav Tom Yam Maggi at Sunshine.

I Adore My Cry Baby…

     I just love to make him pout and cry because that expression and looks of him is so cute to me just as his heart-melting smile. Since born, he dislike bathing or changing. He will cry and yell…it’s really scary as though he’d got beaten. It was not because of cold water or hungry baby. In […]

Left Brain, Right Brain

Let me fill up with a filler post while Julie is compiling the next family updates. From Wikipedia:- Anatomically, the brain can be divided into three parts: the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain the forebrain includes the several lobes of the cerebral cortex that control higher functions, while the mid- and hindbrain are more involved with […]

Jonathan’s Paternal Grandma’s Birthday

Today we celebrated Jonathan’s paternal grandma’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ma…

Jonathan…9 Months

I woke up from bed yesterday, looked at my watch…it’s 8th of the month. Gosh, another month had sailed through but so little pictures of Jonathan we had captured. Let’s see what are the highlights of the month. He is 9.6kg now. At 8.5 months, Jonathan is able to stand unaided…his record so far was […]

Our very own smalltalk corner

We’re starting this new smalltalk corner to post some short updates which does not require long old grandma stories. 🙂

1st Time After 9 Months

Since newborn till now, Jonathan boy had never fall ill. Even when he was teething, there was no sign of fever or diarrhea. That’s the goodness of breastmilk.  But after 9 months, he is down with flu, cough and phlegm since Friday night. He is having slight diarrhea too and the faeces is a little […]

First Fall…Ooopps!

Jonathan boy has been sleeping with us on our bed since many months ago as I find it so comfortably-lazy breastfeeding him while lying on the bed. Then both of us will be in our dreamland after that. Each morning then, I’ll wake up early to prepare his porridge leaving him on the bed with […]

6 (non)sensical stuff

Just realised that I’ve been tagged by June and that was in May. How blur am I. This is my first tag. The rules for this meme are easy: 1. Link to the person that tagged you – June 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. 4. Tag someone. […]