A Great Meet…

What a wonderful weekend I had. Besides spending time with my parents who were here, I got the chance meeting with two friends. Last weekend was the 4th Parenthood Expo in Midvalley. Gone there to grab some freebies and nursing blouse. It was so crowded with babies, toddlers, parents…and strollers. The aisle is so narrow. […]

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

Grand Finale this Friday, 29 August 2008. See you there!

It is B.I.G but I am S.M.A.L.L

There was one day when my niece and I passed by Crocs in one of the shopping mall. She showed me the big Crocs on display in the shop and she said…”Wu Yi (5th Aunt), this shoe is so big hor? My mommy say we can even put Jonathan inside”. One weekend, so happened my mom wanted to try […]

Dragon Boat Championship

So this was the reason we traveled down to Penang three weekends ago. It was a last minute plan. Darling has not seen this kind of race and always wanted to so here comes the opportunity. It was held at the Teluk Bahang Dam. Love the place cause it’s so windy despite the sunny day. The wind overcome the […]

“Olympic Baby” @ 10 Months

Olympic Baby? Quite exaggerate huh? Cause Jonathan boy was born on 8th October, so today is the 8th of August and it marks the beginning of 10 months’ milestone…and it’s the opening of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. So this day should be a great day! This is our lovely Jonathan boy. This little one of ours (not […]

Choo Choo…. I’m riding on a train

Video will take some time to load. Jonathan starts to love this kind of rides. This is him at 9 months old. The face impression he shows when the train stops is so original. Cute and naughty, especially when he starts to shake his head at the end of the video.

How It Is Made

This is how Jonathan boy’s porridge are cooked. I have the Magic Saver Cooker (MSC) from Cosway and a ceramic pot. The MSC comes with a inner stainless steel pot (to cook the food) and insulation pot (to warm the food).      Jonathan boy is having two feedings of porridge each day so I just […]