In Between

Since the arrival of Jonathan Boy, we have been “demoted” to sitting at the back of the congregation in church. Not because Jonathan can’t behave during church service but we just want to avoid any disturbance. On the other hand, I think we have also assumed a new post as an “observer”. As I was in church […]

Jonathan’s 1st CNY

  This year was Jonathan Boy’s first CNY and receiving lots of ang pow.  He can really grab the ang pow and hold on to it nicely. I don’t have to rugi a lot this year but got back half of what was out from my pocket. 😛   First ang pow from Gong Gong. I wonder how […]

Got Attracted by Jonathan

We brought Jonathan along to JJ, Bukit Tinggi yesterday. While Darling went it to the Supermarket section, I waited with Jonathan outside the Supermarket near the payment counters.  There was this little girl (I think she’s about 3 – 4 years old) from Middle-East country (she’s so pretty with rosie cheeks) who spotted our adorable Jonathan and started […]

Jonathan…4 Months

Jonathan Boy reached 4 months old on the 2nd day of CNY.  Just to share some new development in Jonathan.  He started to turn from his tummy to facing up when he was about 3.5 months. He will start pushing himself forward and curled up his legs and stomach to help himself to turn over.  He […]

Happy 30th Birthday, Darling!

Finally, 30…years old. No more the you-are-still-young thingy cause age is catching up. It’s Darling, not me. I still have 2 months to show off my still-young age before I enter the you-are-not-young-anymore gang. 😆 For this year, I would like to wish Darling good health (I think he needs that most now).  We are […]