Blessed Year of the Bunny

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. We would like to wish all of you blessed new year. May this year brings your better health, better happyness, better prosperity and better family ties (and of course any other things important in your life). 🙂 Take this time to bond with family members, forgetting the […]

Hospis Malaysia

When Samantha was first admitted to GHKL due to her 2nd episode of vomiting and that was her 3rd admission since birth. That was when she started to feed via a feeding tube.  We were asked to purchase the feeding machine as both Darling and myself are working in private sector and we do not […]

Without Her…But Having Him(s)

It has been 2 weeks… So not used to not having her around. She used to keep me busy – making her milk, sterilizing her bottles, keep watch of her feeding time, administering her medication, bathing her, nappy changing, washing, drying and folding her tiny clothes and organizing her closet. Missed kissing her, stroking her […]

What’s Up with Samantha

Samantha is back home from hospital last Thursday after her readmission for 16 days. We hope the hospital won’t be our second home. It’s quite scary in the hospital as you would see all kinds of patients with some having metabolic disorder like Samantha. The first thing that came to mind is will Samantha be […]

Our Prayer for Our Baby

When I was conceiving Jonathan, I had this prayer every day. I had it on my office desktop and read this prayer every morning before I start off the day. Indeed, God answered my prayer. The same prayer for our little one that is somersaulting gracefully in my tummy now. * * * * * * * * […]

Something to Share…

While I’m still drafting my next post, I would like to post this up on my Cyberhome as a gesture of thank you to someone out there. She was the first mommy blogger that sent Jonathan pressie on his 1st birthday. That year, we exchanged gifts on our son’s birthday and Christmas. It so happen […]

A Father’s Wish :)

Darling told me one day…… Darling : I will sing this song for my daughter on her wedding. Me : What if you don’t have a daughter? Darling : I will modify the song to suite my son’s wedding. I was thinking – What is so great about this song coz my Darling hardly sing? “I Loved […]

God Bless Daddy…

Blessings from God which I am thankful for.  I cherish all the moments spent with them. May God bless them with good health. Happy Father’s Day to two wonderful men in my life, ……My Pa and Darling……

Mother’s Day Special

  Sames goes to all mommies out there! Here is a story to share which I received via forwarded email… * * * * * * * * When I came home in the rain…. Brother asked, “Why didn’t you take an umbrella.” Sister advised, “Why didn’t you wait till rain stopped.” Father angrily warned, “Only […]

My Big Baby…

Have your Darling ever complained that you don’t love him anymore?  I mean since the arrival of a new addition to the family of two but now three? It is not easy to play a dual role in the family. Or maybe multiple role…as a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Daughter-in-law, and more for me who has another […]