Goodbye, Two Front Teeth

Jonathan’s milk tooth started sprouting when he was 5.5 months old.  I can’t believe it that he had to say goodbye to his two front teeth. Nope, it’s not because of the transition for the adult tooth to grow. It was due to a fall on the eve of CNY during our reunion lunch.

We were all sitting at the dining table ready to have our reunion lunch. Jonathan refused to eat as he still wants to play. I had to bribe him with a can of his favourite soft drinks. He then requested for a straw as he often likes to drink with a straw.  I told him there is no straw as we are in our hometown house but he, being normal kids not giving up asking for a straw. Then I recalled I have some UHT packet milk and I could take the straw from there and quickly leave the table to get it. After few steps away, I heard him cry and when I turn to see, he was on the floor.  When I leave the dining table to get the straw, he wanted to follow me too. As he was sitting on a plastic chair and since his feet was could reach the ground, he sort of jumped down from the chair. The floor (cement floor) was slippery and the chair slipped and he fell to the ground.

Darling quickly carry him up and we see blood from his gums and one of the front teeth bended inwards. Seeing the amount of blood and the bended teeth, we quickly bring him to the dentist. Luckily there is a newly opened dental clinic just accross the road and it is open on eve of CNY. Imagine if all the dental clinics are closed for eve, I really don’t know what will happen next. The dentist examined his teeth and gave us two options. Either to treat the loosen teeth or remove it. If we treat the loosen teeth, there is a possibility of infection and may affect the growth of the adult tooth. It will be advisable to remove it. We had no choice at that time and wouldn’t want to risk seeking 2nd opinion because it was CNY holiday and almost all clinics are closed. So if anything were to happen to him after that, we will not be able to find a dentist. So we decided to remove his teeth.

The dentist apply some gel to numb the tooth. After sometime, he slowly inject his gum to anesthetize both the tooth that will be extracted and the bone and gum tissue that surround it. This will be done until he confirms that Jonathan is not feeling any pain. Then he used the extraction forceps to pull out the tooth. Jonathan was so calm and brave throughout the process. I really admire him. Imagine if he refuse to open his mouth or struggle, it will be very difficult for the dentist.

I felt so regretted over the accident. Jonathan has a very nice set of teeth which I am so proud of. And now, his two front teeth are gone and there goes his sweet and heart-melting smile. At first, I was so worried if he get teased by other children. But later on, it seems that people who don’t know the accident, thought that it was just the transition of his milk tooth to adult tooth. No matter what, until today, when I see him and especially when I brush his teeth or he brushes his teeth, I feel regretted and sorry for him. Again then, I am also thankful that he didn’t hurt his head or cause permanent damages.

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