Soybean Milk Jelly

This is my first time sharing with you my cooking. Use to bake once a while before I had Jonathan. Now…a bit lazy. One fine weekend,  I suddenly recalled promosing MC to share my soybean milk jelly with her. So, here it is… Recipe 1 packet of Red Swallow brand agar-agar strips or powder (I […]

Overnight Change

Strangely, a big eater and a not-a-fussy-eater like Jonathan boy is refusing his formula milk for the first time.  Not a new taste to him. No additional stuff added. The last he had his formula milk is last Friday afternoon and he finished 8oz as usual.  Then on Saturday night, before bedtime, he took a sip […]

New Found Place

Our neighbouring friends have been talking about this place and the activity they enjoyed doing there with their friends and especially kids.  This particular activity is not what I fancy nor ever did when I was a kid unlike Darling who is knows well how it works.  So off we go one particular weekend to explore […]

Blog Break II

I’m declaring a Blog Break II, after the previous blog break… Still busy with work and so had no inspiration to write.  My eyes are tired staring at the PC at work. My bum bum sore for sitting too long at my desk working on the PC. Many things that I would like to share and jot down […]