It’s our 3rd Anniversary!

Yes! We are now 3. Surely it is the continuous blessing from our ever faithful God. May we continue to seek God for guidance and strength as we renew our commitment to each other. Our memories Our Wedding Photo Album Wedding Proposal

Jonathan’s Magic Tool

Naturally Jonathan fall in love with pacifier. At around 2 months, he developed the urge of sucking. It started one night when I had a hard time putting him to sleep after each feeding as he keeps on rubbing his mouth on the bed. I thought he is still hungry so I breastfeed him again. […]

First Hair Cut

Before and after …… Jonathan had his first hair cut today. Chinese New Year is around the corner so I better bring him to the saloon before they increased the price. This is my first time handling a baby for hair cut so it got so messy. I was carrying Jonathan while the hairdresser trimmed […]

Jonathan…3 Months

  Praise the Lord! Jonathan is growing well although he still spit up milk at times. This is Jonathan’s growth so far: Birth Weight: 3.99kg Height: 53cm Head Cir.: 34cm 1 Month Weight: 4.3kg Height: 56cm Head Cir.: 36cm 2 Months Weight: 5.8kg Height: 60cm Head Cir.: 40cm 3 Months Weight: 7.1kg Height: 63cm Head […]

Little TauKeh

Jonathan at 4 Jan 2008