Imitating the Adult

As kids grow, their level of curiosity increases and they love to imitate the adult’s action.  That was our MP3 player. He has been watching us pluging in the earphone. He attempted to play with it and finally got hold of it one fine day. And so this is what I found him doing. He knows which […]

A Long Walk

So what did we do during the last Labour’s Worker’s Day holiday?  We wanted to bring Jonathan boy to a place where he can run around and get wild without us tailing behind him which also means that we can keep and eye on him while we sit back and enjoy the sunny day. 😛   And […]

Mother’s Day Special

  Sames goes to all mommies out there! Here is a story to share which I received via forwarded email… * * * * * * * * When I came home in the rain…. Brother asked, “Why didn’t you take an umbrella.” Sister advised, “Why didn’t you wait till rain stopped.” Father angrily warned, “Only […]