37 Weeks

My body began to change since CNY. Nose growing bigger, legs getting more swollen, getting lazier and restless, and the worst is acne!  Blame it to the burning hot weather. A bath suppose to be refreshing but ended to be like just came out from a hot spring. Night should be breezing cool but it was the warmest part […]

A Little Update on #2

Visited my gynae yesterday at week 33.  The scan a little upsetting me. Oh no, don’t worry…little one is doing fine.  Still kicking and squirming actively in mommy’s tummy. The scan revealed 2 things. 1.  #2 gonna be a much smaller baby compare to Jonathan whose birthweight was 3.99kg.  She is about 1.6kg now (normal weight is […]

Preggie @ Week 30

Yeah, I think I should be in week 30 now.  Really lost count for this pregnancy.  I think it’s the second child syndrome and I feel so bad when I come to think of it.  I seldom talk to her, read to her, play music for her and connecting her with Daddy. Even, I started […]

Another of God’s Blessing

The Almighty One above has planted a “seed” in our family and we will be harvesting the “fruit” in March next year.  This time was so much different from the first experience. I get all the symptoms and taste buds gone wild. It’s either the hormones is making up or age is catching up.  God has […]