Changes in Life

One month ago, Darling move on to a new company and it’s a new job this time. It is more or less still in the same specialization but from a fixed working hours to working on shift. It significantly impacted both of us….our actions, thoughts and feelings. At night, the bed is all mine and Jonathan’s. At […]

On Becoming Mommy’s Boy

Rule #1. “Put your hands together, close your eyes and pray…” before meal and bedtime. (But he doesn’t close his eyes but bow down his head instead. Sometimes I’ll do a spot check by peeping at him if he curi makan or not. He didn’t! Amen!) Rule #2.  Have meals always on the high chair […]

Something to Share…

While I’m still drafting my next post, I would like to post this up on my Cyberhome as a gesture of thank you to someone out there. She was the first mommy blogger that sent Jonathan pressie on his 1st birthday. That year, we exchanged gifts on our son’s birthday and Christmas. It so happen […]

Another of God’s Blessing

The Almighty One above has planted a “seed” in our family and we will be harvesting the “fruit” in March next year.  This time was so much different from the first experience. I get all the symptoms and taste buds gone wild. It’s either the hormones is making up or age is catching up.  God has […]