Count Your Blessings

  Today, we shall wave goodbye to Year 2008 and bid welcome to Year 2009. I am not the type that write new year resolution. Whatever happened or is happening is of God’s will. Be it good or bad happenings, we should give thanks to Him and count the blessings He has bestowed to us. […]

Jonathan’s Meal #4

Haven’t I mentioned before that Jonathan boy don’t chew his food till fine enough for his throat but rather swallowing it till he gets choke? He “cough” everytime he gulps from his bottle and take a deep breathe after he finishes as though he was holding his breath. Because of this, I delayed in giving him macaroni […]

A Blessed & Merry Christmas!

We will be spending the whole week in Penang. See you guys after Christmas.  I shall post up our Christmas celebration hopefully before the new year comes. Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.  Just in case…Happy New Year too!

Avillion Port Dickson

Nope…it wasn’t a holiday for me. I was there to stress out my brain for an off-site meeting to align our team’s strategies and setting the KPIs for the next 12 months.  Since I’m still BF Jonathan boy (morning & night only), I had to take him along for this 3D 2N meeting.  Darling had to work […]

Squeeky Clean

When Jonathan boy was barely 1 year old and his molars have yet to erupt, I gave him baby biscuits to keep himself entertained while we enjoy our meals peacefully. Now that his two upper first molars has fully erupted with the right bottom first molar and two upper cuspid erupting, he could enjoy more table […]

One After Another

Remember me grumbling on the flood? This is somehow related to that incident. Monday – My youngest niece next door vomited few times in a day. She threw up anything that she ate. No fever and diarrhoea and she is still very alert. At first we thought she misses her daddy coz the last time her daddy went oversea, […]

Looking Forward…

  Christmas of course! A reason to celebrate…the birth of our Saviour.

Cruising with Libra *backdated post*

Finally, the day has come and had passed. We have been waiting to board the ship to experience a cruise holiday. It was a 4 days 3 night cruise with SuperStar Libra to Langkawi and Singapore ex Port Klang. With us was my parents, 2nd sis and family, 4th sis (pretending to be single and available this time…leaving […]