I’m Sorry, Son…

Jonathan boy cried yesterday night again. He could have a reason for crying but I just could not understand it yet. Yesterday, I put him in his baby cot with the pacifier in his mouth. I pat him to sleep. He lied down quietly while gazing at me. After a while, he started to twist […]

Independent and Demoted

Right after I graduated, I came to work in KL. Since I can’t drive (eventhough I have a driving license) and I don’t have a car, I went to work by public transport, i.e. LRT/KTM & bus.  After I’ve got married, I moved to Klang and is working Shah Alam (till now). Darling was working in […]

Jonathan…6 Months

6 months…the beginning of another important milestone for Jonathan boy.  At this stage, you can do more things with him and I just can’t wait for anything.  Jonathan boy weighs 8.7 kg now. He has grown but not much taller as what I’ve always hope for because both Darling and myself are kinda short not tall.  He […]

It’s a Happy Day!

I’ve got pressie from my Darling and Jonathan boy. Darling thinks that I don’t have a proper handbag to “show-off” at dinner/shopping so he got me this. I love it but I told him it’s not big enough to put Jonathan’s bottle and diaper. So now, he have to carry a backpack. Darling told the promoter […]

Everything in Mouth

Just look at him! He puts everything in his mouth, suck and munch. It can look very delicious to you with the sucking sound he made. That’s my baby…  I first bought him a yellow fish-shaped teether. This is Jonathan’s Christmas present from “4 Yi” from Munchkin. He can hold on to the handky and […]