Free Ride to Cameron Highlands

Yup, it’s a free ride as what the title says. Aunty-Next-Door’s time-share points expiring so she offered us to tag along with them for a 2D1N trip to Cameron Highlands.  Aren’t we so blessed to have Aunty-Next-Door living next door to us? Sometimes you get free food, free babysitting service, free toys, free “maid” services….so […]

A Long Walk

So what did we do during the last Labour’s Worker’s Day holiday?  We wanted to bring Jonathan boy to a place where he can run around and get wild without us tailing behind him which also means that we can keep and eye on him while we sit back and enjoy the sunny day. 😛   And […]

A Blessed & Merry Christmas!

We will be spending the whole week in Penang. See you guys after Christmas.  I shall post up our Christmas celebration hopefully before the new year comes. Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.  Just in case…Happy New Year too!

Cruising with Libra *backdated post*

Finally, the day has come and had passed. We have been waiting to board the ship to experience a cruise holiday. It was a 4 days 3 night cruise with SuperStar Libra to Langkawi and Singapore ex Port Klang. With us was my parents, 2nd sis and family, 4th sis (pretending to be single and available this time…leaving […]