Impatient Me and/or Naughty He…

Jonathan has been howling in the middle of his sleep at night recently with no reason that I can see. Usually it’s around midnight. Yesterday night, he slept and half an hour later, he just cried and cried. I tried to turn him to another position, put back his pacifier, called out to him to assure […]

Jonathan…5 Months

Birth Weight: 3.99kg Height: 53cm Head Cir.: 34cm 3 Months Weight: 7.1kg Height: 63cm Head Cir.: 41cm 5 Months Weight: 8.2kg Height: 66cm Head Cir.: 43cm This is how much Jonathan boy has grown from birth till he’s 5 months now.  And his paediatrician still commented that he is overweight. Because of this, I have […]