Blame It On The Rain

It’s 3.00am now and I’m still awake merely to let my hair dry before I can go to bed. Nop…neither did I just came back from a late night movie nor clubbing nor just finished spring cleaning my house nor because of I just managed to settle down a crying baby. All because of the RAIN! Sometimes […]

Alphabet Tag

Was tagged by Agnes on this one. A, B, C,…,Z! A. Attached or single? – Permanently attached. B. Best friend? – Not really, merely just friends. C. Cake or pie? – Cake. D. Day of choice? – Saturday. Can sleep till the sun shining at my buttock. E. Essential item? – Mobile phone. Can’t leave […]

All I Want for Christmas is…

All I want for Christmas is my……Ooopps! Not for me but for my not-so-old man and no-more-a-baby boy. Thinking hard on what should I get them for Christmas. Both are not an easy task. Putting on my thinking cap in figuring out on what will make them happy and what they really need.  Of course […]

What Jonathan Boy is Up to Now

I decided to stop posting on Jonathan boy’s monthly update as he is 1 year old now. Nevertheless, I won’t stop posting on his new achievements or milestones from time to time as I won’t be able to remember so many things with my deteriorating brain. His upper left and right first molar has fully […]

Sail, Sail Boat…

Just can’t wait till tomorrow. See you guys on Monday. Have a nice weekend and I sure will. 🙂

Jonathan’s Meal #3

Darling loves bitter gourd so he thinks his Junior has too favour bitter gourd like him. He has been pestering me to let Jonathan boy try out bitter gourd. I was a bit reluctant cause from the name you already know it’s bitter so do you think a baby would like it?  I, myself don’t like […]

Can’t Wait Till Christmas

Crossing away each box on my table calendar. Looking forward to reach the box with number 19 in the month of December. Yup, that should be my last day of work before I go off on Christmas holiday (that is if my boss approve my leave. *finger crossed*).  I am so excited that it’s November now. And […]