A Blessed Mother & Baby

Baby Jonathan and I were discharged from hospital on the 4th day. I was so happy that finally I can cuddle Jonathan in my arms and see his adorable face anytime I want. On the other side, I was fully prepared for all the challenges of baby care that I may not forsee. Even the […]

Mommy’ Side of Story

Let me share about the birth of our baby, Jonathan. After waited for 5 days, there was no sign of labour so as scheduled, I admitted myself on Monday morning for induce. As my gynae broke the water bag ready for induction, he noticed baby’s feaces and immediately arrange for a C-section. As explained by […]

One Family

Our Family! Mummy Dearest with Bao Bei.. I love this photo shot. This is a cute… Sleep Well Baby Jonathan. God Loves You.

It’s a BOY!

Yup.. the day we’ve been waiting for.. it is finally here. Clocked in at 9:29AM on 8 Oct 2007, the handsome young chap awed the world… (ok, maybe just people we know).. Weighted at 3.99kg, and 53cm tall, he is the biggest baby among all newborn that day at the same hospital. Mommy weighted more […]

I Was Due!

I was exactly in my 40th weeks yesterday but I’m still here in the office. It means that my little baby is still in my tummy and he is feeling so comfortable. He is a smart baby and probably knows that his mummy still got some stuff that has yet to be handed over to […]