Our Little Girl – A Quick Update

As much as I would like to put up a good post showing off how well our little girl is doing, but the fact is she is not. Baby Samantha 4 days old: 2nd day in ICU Baby Samantha 5 days old: 3rd day in ICU Baby Samantha (this is the name we’ve chosen for […]

Our new addition

This is a short update to inform all our friends that Julie and our baby girl are doing well and healthy. Thank you for all of your prayers and wishes.

37 Weeks

My body began to change since CNY. Nose growing bigger, legs getting more swollen, getting lazier and restless, and the worst is acne!  Blame it to the burning hot weather. A bath suppose to be refreshing but ended to be like just came out from a hot spring. Night should be breezing cool but it was the warmest part […]

A Little Update on #2

Visited my gynae yesterday at week 33.  The scan a little upsetting me. Oh no, don’t worry…little one is doing fine.  Still kicking and squirming actively in mommy’s tummy. The scan revealed 2 things. 1.  #2 gonna be a much smaller baby compare to Jonathan whose birthweight was 3.99kg.  She is about 1.6kg now (normal weight is […]

21 Days After His Birth Day

I just need to pen this down…for our family journal and sharing with other parents out there.  This gonna be a long one. It has been 2 years now…Two years ago of this day, Jonathan boy was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis and went through a surgery. It all started when he was 2 weeks old.  […]

It’s a Boy…Again??

Third sis gave birth to another baby boy two months ago. Yup…another. She was hoping for a girl who is said to be more filial compare to boys. She has 3 boys now and that makes her worried about her rest of life. “I better start looking for an old folks home”, she said. LOL.  That is […]