The Star is Up

*Suppose to have posted this earlier ūüôā * Finally, our house is filled with the Christmas mood. The Christmas tree has been set up with the theme for this year…GOLD!¬†¬† I have additional helper this year in helping me to decorate the ornaments.¬† But he is still too short¬†so can just look from down while […]

Daddy Teach Naughty Stuff

Incident¬†#1 In the bathroom after shower… Jonathan: Mimi, I want put up there. (Wants to hang the shower head on the handle) Me: It’s ok. Mommy help you to put up there. Jonathan: No, no…I want put up there. *Started to throw tantrum* Me: You are so heavy. Mommy can’t carry you. (Imagine a 6 […]

Joke of the Day

Jonathan boy and myself are a fan of Wyeth.¬† He grew up with Wyeth since he was in my tummy.¬† He then started with Wyeth gold series of S-26 (0 –¬†6 months), Promil (6 – 12 months)¬†and now Progress (1 – 3 y/o). I find that Wyeth has all the nutrition essential for a growing […]

Our Prayer for Our Baby

When I was conceiving¬†Jonathan, I had this prayer every day. I had it on my office desktop and read this prayer every morning before I start off the day. Indeed, God answered my prayer. The same prayer for our little one that is¬†somersaulting gracefully¬†in my tummy now. * * * * * * * * […]

Christmas is Near

God sent His only Son to save mankind…

Cyberhome Was Down For 4 Days

Our Cyberhome got hacked and it took quite a while for my Darling IT expert to get it up. It happened when Darling’s notebook got hacked and passwords got stolen. That was what Darling explained to me in layman’s term. It’s back to normal now. Thanks, Darling…I know you can do it.