Samantha is Back Home

After spending 6 days in NICU, finally Samantha got the green light from the doctor to be discharged last Saturday. She looks chubby and rosier upon discharged because of the IV drips.  Hope she continues to be chubby and have rosy cheeks like Mommy.  Not only she managed to gain back the weight she lost but […]

Samantha is Admitted

Since my last post about Samantha’s vomiting spell, her condition worsen where typically no food can stay in her stomach. She got thinner and lethargic. We brought her for a review yesterday and was prepared to get her admitted.  Good thing she vomited in front of the pediatrician and he could see how forceful is […]

Samantha’s Vomiting Spell

Since last Thursday night, Samantha has been vomiting almost after each feeding.  It normally happens 30 mins – 1 hour after feed. It is not normal spitting of milk but forceful vomit. We afraid it may be Pyloric Stenosis as what Jonathan had when he was 3 weeks old. On Monday, we brought Samantha to the paediatrician and […]