Oh, My Hair…

My silky hair is falling down, falling down, falling down, My silky hair is falling down, Oh, my precious hair. Same thing happened when I was with Jonathan. It started in the third month until more than the sixth months. It was very bad until you can see my scalp. Everytime when I went to the hairdresser, […]

What’s Up with Samantha

Samantha is back home from hospital last Thursday after her readmission for 16 days. We hope the hospital won’t be our second home. It’s quite scary in the hospital as you would see all kinds of patients with some having metabolic disorder like Samantha. The first thing that came to mind is will Samantha be […]

The vomiting urge has subside

All praises and glory be to God. Today is the 13th day Samantha stays in the hospital. Her conditions are getting better with her urge to vomit stopped. The urge gradually lessen after blood transfusion were done on Wednesday and Thursday last week. This apparently helped to further reduce her lactate acid from 17 mmol/L […]

Samatha re-admitted

Samantha has been continuously having constant vomiting even after the last admission. For the past few days, we saw that she became lethargic with sunken eyes. She don’t even cry for feeds anymore, only cry when uncomfortable. She has very mild absorption of food that we feed her, even with breast milk. On Tuesday, we […]