Mixing Up “Me” & “You”

When your child starts to speak and understand, does he/she mixed words up or get confused? Jonathan boy mixed up the “me” and “you” pronouns. I used to say: “Come boy, Mommy carry you.” When he wants me to carry him, he would say: “Mommy, carry you, please.” *********** I would ask him: “Jonathan boy, Mommy […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Left: Taken yesterday, Right: Taken one year ago. See how much Jonathan boy has grown.  He is now well-trained to say, “Gong Xi, Gong Xi, ang pow please…” But only in front of Mommy. Shy boy it seems. Sigh…. Anyway, wishing everyone a good year ahead and safe journey for those who are traveling. Take care and don’t […]

My Daddy is Handy Manny When…

… I see no picture displayed on the TV because I accidentally pressed invalid channel. … the remote control is out of battery. … my remote control car refuse to move on its own. … the arms of my Ultraman dislocated. … my shoe has a “buaya” mouth. … I don’t hear any sound from my computer […]

A Little Update on #2

Visited my gynae yesterday at week 33.  The scan a little upsetting me. Oh no, don’t worry…little one is doing fine.  Still kicking and squirming actively in mommy’s tummy. The scan revealed 2 things. 1.  #2 gonna be a much smaller baby compare to Jonathan whose birthweight was 3.99kg.  She is about 1.6kg now (normal weight is […]