Goodbye, Two Front Teeth

Jonathan’s milk tooth started sprouting when he was 5.5 months old.  I can’t believe it that he had to say goodbye to his two front teeth. Nope, it’s not because of the transition for the adult tooth to grow. It was due to a fall on the eve of CNY during our reunion lunch. We were all […]

Blessed 7th Wedding Anniversary

Here we are, 7 years of marriage. God blessed us with two kids but one had gone to be with Jesus. Last year was a challenging year to overcome. Praises to the Lord that we are still calling each other Darling. I love you, Darling!

Jonathan’s 4th Birthday

This year, we celebrated Jonathan’s birthday in school. Two days late from his actual birthday as I was away for a training in Singapore. Whenever there is a birthday party in school, he will show me the party pack he got and tell me what kind of cake his friends were having.   At this […]

Happy Mid-Autumn!

This year, Jonathan knows how to enjoy eating mooncake. We were in Tesco one night. I took a piece of mooncake for him to try. He fell in love with it since then. He asked for another piece. Seeing his happy face, I bought one mooncake. He just can’t wait to eat it and forced […]

Back for One Minute

I have not been updating our Cyberhome as often as before nor do I blog hop. Family and work is getting more demanding which I hardly have the time to think and write and edit the photos. I had few posts drafted but incomplete so could not be posted up. For the last 6 months, […]

Happy Birthday, Samantha…

My little girl is one year old today.  Wonder if Jesus is throwing a party for her.  She must be the most beautiful child in Heaven today. Dear Jesus, please help me to give my baby a kiss and a big hug. Tell her Daddy, Mommy and Jonathan kor-kor misses her a lot…     […]

Jonathan Starting Pre-School

Once I confirmed his enrolment in a pre-school, I had been brain-washing him for weeks on going to school, his teacher’s name, the school’s name, etc. He was all excited about going to his new school.  Infact, he is nothing different than most newbies. In the first week of school, he asked me to go to school […]

Blessed Christmas

Despite the loss and time of healing, Christmas is still Christmas, to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is always the #1 in our heart and mind. May God’s love be with you and your family this Christmas. Blessed Christmas to all.

Without Her…But Having Him(s)

It has been 2 weeks… So not used to not having her around. She used to keep me busy – making her milk, sterilizing her bottles, keep watch of her feeding time, administering her medication, bathing her, nappy changing, washing, drying and folding her tiny clothes and organizing her closet. Missed kissing her, stroking her […]

The Way He Puts It

Darling and I were hugging each other… Jon: *beating Daddy* Mommy, Daddy naughty. Me: Why Daddy naughty? Jon: Because Daddy cannot love you.