Overnight Change

Strangely, a big eater and a not-a-fussy-eater like Jonathan boy is refusing his formula milk for the first time.  Not a new taste to him. No additional stuff added. The last he had his formula milk is last Friday afternoon and he finished 8oz as usual.  Then on Saturday night, before bedtime, he took a sip […]

Jonathan’s Meal #4

Haven’t I mentioned before that Jonathan boy don’t chew his food till fine enough for his throat but rather swallowing it till he gets choke? He “cough” everytime he gulps from his bottle and take a deep breathe after he finishes as though he was holding his breath. Because of this, I delayed in giving him macaroni […]

Squeeky Clean

When Jonathan boy was barely 1 year old and his molars have yet to erupt, I gave him baby biscuits to keep himself entertained while we enjoy our meals peacefully. Now that his two upper first molars has fully erupted with the right bottom first molar and two upper cuspid erupting, he could enjoy more table […]

Jonathan’s Meal #3

Darling loves bitter gourd so he thinks his Junior has too favour bitter gourd like him. He has been pestering me to let Jonathan boy try out bitter gourd. I was a bit reluctant cause from the name you already know it’s bitter so do you think a baby would like it?  I, myself don’t like […]

Jonathan’s Meal #2

Jonathan boy’s porridge on weekends has the most variety of ingredients as I have more time compare to working days where my time is limited.  And since Jonathan can chew quite well now, I decided to cut the potato into tiny cubes rather than grated potato. To add some colour to the porridge, I put […]

Jonathan’s Meal #1

While everyone is talking about Bento, I should start sharing on a baby’s meal. I’m a new mother and still learning and experimenting on what is best for a baby’s diet. Jonathan boy is my experiment. Glad to say that he will wallop all kinds of food except Avocado so far. I’ve also shared in […]

How It Is Made

This is how Jonathan boy’s porridge are cooked. I have the Magic Saver Cooker (MSC) from Cosway and a ceramic pot. The MSC comes with a inner stainless steel pot (to cook the food) and insulation pot (to warm the food).      Jonathan boy is having two feedings of porridge each day so I just […]