Forums for Mothers

While waiting for Julie to find more time to blog, I’ve came up with a new project related to all mothers. The theme is about From Mothers to Mothers. This is a website which contains many different type of forums for discussions. All mothers and mothers to be are welcome to join. It is free […]

WordPress Theme – Simple Jonathan

It has been quite sometime since I designed a free wordpress theme. This time it is a theme with handsome Jonathan in it. You could preview or download to try out the theme from Do leave your comment on how I could improve it. This theme is version Alpha 0.1. 🙂

Blog Break?

I think I need a blog break or whatever it is. I’m having too much on my plate in the office. One leg kick now…handling 3 portfolios…as my boss, myself and my subordinate. Yup, both my upline and downline left 3 months ago and no successor yet. Some of you may noticed that I hardly drop […]

My Big Baby…

Have your Darling ever complained that you don’t love him anymore?  I mean since the arrival of a new addition to the family of two but now three? It is not easy to play a dual role in the family. Or maybe multiple role…as a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Daughter-in-law, and more for me who has another […]

Jonathan’s Latest Act

Jonathan is 16+ months now.   I would expect him to speak some words at this age but unfortunately, not yet. Either he refuses to or he thinks he might get his tongue twisted. 😛  But he sure can make us contented with his latest act. Ish! – When he wants something he sees, with his […]