Find, Find, Find…

That’s how Jonathan would go singing while looking for his toys…“Find, find, find…everywhere. Find, find, find…everywhere.” We are planning to send Jonathan to school next year. Not that I think he is ready but I think he needs to learn to be more sociable. I would expect some crying sessions and refusal in the beginning, […]

Jonathan’s fav website

Jonathan loves his computers very much and he’s pretty much knows how to use them without us guiding him most of the times. His favourite website now is the Disney Family Games. I personally find that this website provides many good activities for toddlers to learn words and songs. Here’s a video of him playing […]

I Am 3 Years Old!

  From my Mommy & Daddy:   Jonathan boy, you are our gift from God and we love you so much. You are a smart and obedient boy, you amaze us every day and bring joy into our lives. May you always know that God loves you, and that you are chosen to do good […]