Jonathan’s Meal #2

Jonathan boy’s porridge on weekends has the most variety of ingredients as I have more time compare to working days where my time is limited.  And since Jonathan can chew quite well now, I decided to cut the potato into tiny cubes rather than grated potato. To add some colour to the porridge, I put […]

Favourite Corner

I will usually accompany Jonathan on the bed during napping time or bed time. I’ll offer my breast to him for the last time of the day and hoping that he will go to sleep with a sweet dream. Occasionally, he will still be awake. With the pacifier in his mouth, he will toss here […]

Cutesy Baby Snapshots

Aunty Next Door is looking for cute babies to camwhoring with because Jonathan boy is giving her a No-Eye-See face. 😛

Jonathan’s Meal #1

While everyone is talking about Bento, I should start sharing on a baby’s meal. I’m a new mother and still learning and experimenting on what is best for a baby’s diet. Jonathan boy is my experiment. Glad to say that he will wallop all kinds of food except Avocado so far. I’ve also shared in […]

Stars of My Heart

My Darling and Kimmy Jr.  They are theof my.  Darling, showering us with his unconditional and neverending love, care and joy. A blessing from God for a perfect partner who complements my life. A role model Daddy to his children. Jonathan boy, a precious gift from God, bringing joy and laughter to us. 99.9% says Jonathan […]

Tag: A Lengthy One…

Ann tagged me with such a lengthy but interesting tag. Some really tested my memory. Name: Julie Sisters: 5 Brothers: None Shoe size: 6 (5½ would be perfect) Height : 157cm only Where do you live: A place for BKT lover Favourite drinks: Milo ice breakfast: Bread toast Have you ever been on a plane? […]

Brillante Weblog Premio 2008

Thanks to Anything Lah! and Love & Life for nominating my Cyberhome with this award.

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

Last year was the first year Malaysia hosted the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC). It was back again this year. This year, we only have the time to watch the grand finale on Friday, 29 August 2008 by team Spain (I hope I get it right). I was looking forward and was eagerly excited as I want […]

Blighted Ovum

Does blighted ovum or empty sac sounds familiar to you? A blighted ovum is a fertilized egg which implants in the uterus, and begins to devlop a gestational sac. The fertilized egg, however, fails to form beyond the sixth week but the placenta continues to grow. From the ultrasound, you will see a empty gestational […]