Goodbye, Two Front Teeth

Jonathan’s milk tooth started sprouting when he was 5.5 months old.  I can’t believe it that he had to say goodbye to his two front teeth. Nope, it’s not because of the transition for the adult tooth to grow. It was due to a fall on the eve of CNY during our reunion lunch.

We were all sitting at the dining table ready to have our reunion lunch. Jonathan refused to eat as he still wants to play. I had to bribe him with a can of his favourite soft drinks. He then requested for a straw as he often likes to drink with a straw.  I told him there is no straw as we are in our hometown house but he, being normal kids not giving up asking for a straw. Then I recalled I have some UHT packet milk and I could take the straw from there and quickly leave the table to get it. After few steps away, I heard him cry and when I turn to see, he was on the floor.  When I leave the dining table to get the straw, he wanted to follow me too. As he was sitting on a plastic chair and since his feet was could reach the ground, he sort of jumped down from the chair. The floor (cement floor) was slippery and the chair slipped and he fell to the ground.

Darling quickly carry him up and we see blood from his gums and one of the front teeth bended inwards. Seeing the amount of blood and the bended teeth, we quickly bring him to the dentist. Luckily there is a newly opened dental clinic just accross the road and it is open on eve of CNY. Imagine if all the dental clinics are closed for eve, I really don’t know what will happen next. The dentist examined his teeth and gave us two options. Either to treat the loosen teeth or remove it. If we treat the loosen teeth, there is a possibility of infection and may affect the growth of the adult tooth. It will be advisable to remove it. We had no choice at that time and wouldn’t want to risk seeking 2nd opinion because it was CNY holiday and almost all clinics are closed. So if anything were to happen to him after that, we will not be able to find a dentist. So we decided to remove his teeth.

The dentist apply some gel to numb the tooth. After sometime, he slowly inject his gum to anesthetize both the tooth that will be extracted and the bone and gum tissue that surround it. This will be done until he confirms that Jonathan is not feeling any pain. Then he used the extraction forceps to pull out the tooth. Jonathan was so calm and brave throughout the process. I really admire him. Imagine if he refuse to open his mouth or struggle, it will be very difficult for the dentist.

I felt so regretted over the accident. Jonathan has a very nice set of teeth which I am so proud of. And now, his two front teeth are gone and there goes his sweet and heart-melting smile. At first, I was so worried if he get teased by other children. But later on, it seems that people who don’t know the accident, thought that it was just the transition of his milk tooth to adult tooth. No matter what, until today, when I see him and especially when I brush his teeth or he brushes his teeth, I feel regretted and sorry for him. Again then, I am also thankful that he didn’t hurt his head or cause permanent damages.

Blessed 7th Wedding Anniversary

Here we are, 7 years of marriage. God blessed us with two kids but one had gone to be with Jesus. Last year was a challenging year to overcome. Praises to the Lord that we are still calling each other Darling.

I love you, Darling!

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

I came back from work yesterday night and Jonathan came with a pitiful face complaining to me that he mouth is pain because he bit his tongue. Immediately it came to my mind to check on his hands and legs because he had never bitten his tongue before.

There it is…red spots and and some tiny blisters on his palms and feet. I can’t see clearly if there are any in his mouth but none on his lips. Immediately we bring him to see the pediatrician. She examined him and confirmed that it’s HFM disease. She gave us the medicine for his mouth and calamine lotion.

Jonathan looks alright so far. He is still moving around but a bit restless. He is not bothered by the blisters in his mouth, palms and feet. We went for dinner after that and he can still finished his rice with bak kut teh soup. I had to lie to him that if he is not eating, we have to spray the medicine in his mouth.

Praying hard that his condition won’t get worst the next day. Praise the Lord, he wakes up this morning greeting me good morning. Gonna feed him some cooling stuff to clear the heatiness.

So there goes our long weekend…at home. Hopefully he recovers fast because we are flying off to paradise the week after next.

Up To You lar…

Jonathan picked up new phrase recently.

Up to you lar…

Few times I posted a question to him and his reply to me was… up to you lar…

Me: Jonathan, do you want to drink chocolate milk or strawberry milk?
Jon: Up to you lar…

Me: Jonathan, when you grow up, you want to be a doctor or a teacher?
Jon: Up to you lar…

Oh, my…where this little boy learn this from?

Oh, no…from me! Quite often “up to you” is my reply to Darling whenever he asked me to make a decision, like where to eat, what to eat, can buy this or not, etc.

I then asked Jonathan…

Me: Jonathan boy, do you know what it means when you say “up to you“?
Jon: It means…”I don’t want“.

Hah! So my son thinks that whenever Mommy answers Daddy with “up to you” means Mommy is angry or disagreeing with Daddy. Clever boy. It is kind of true but not always true because sometimes I am undecisive and it’s so much easier to push the burden of thinking to another person. 😛


Jonathan’s 4th Birthday

This year, we celebrated Jonathan’s birthday in school. Two days late from his actual birthday as I was away for a training in Singapore.

Whenever there is a birthday party in school, he will show me the party pack he got and tell me what kind of cake his friends were having.   At this age, he knows how to ask for things.  He told me he wanted a football cake and party pack for his friends. He even tell me what he wants in his party pack.

So I got Jerrica to make a football cake for him. Why football?  I really have not idea. He saw this football cake in Secret Recipe.  That was where is said he wants a football cake ONLY football.  The one in Secret Recipe had a scarf wrapped around the football. So he will always remind me that he wants the football ONLY.

Here are Jonathan’s friend in school.  They sang birthday song to him in 3 languages… English, Mandarin and BM.  Cute fellas. One of the children asked me if I am Jonathan’s sister or mommy. So funny…

Lucky boy is he. Loved by people around him. His cuteness overshadowed his mischievousness.  Never had I in my childhood received so many presents.

Jonathan boy, no matter how mischievous you are, you are always our little boy…our greatest pride and joy. Daddy and Mommy pray that you will grow up to be a God fearing child. We pray that you continue to stay healthy and safe.

Happy Mid-Autumn!

This year, Jonathan knows how to enjoy eating mooncake. We were in Tesco one night. I took a piece of mooncake for him to try. He fell in love with it since then. He asked for another piece. Seeing his happy face, I bought one mooncake. He just can’t wait to eat it and forced me to open it there and then. He just wouldn’t listen when I told him that we need to pay money first and we have to cut it. Oklar…I gave in to him.

And this is how he wants to eat his mooncake.

He finished up the whole mooncake?

Nah…he didn’t.

There was once he got angry when I sliced the mooncake into pieces. Unlike Daddy and Mommy, he dislike the egg yolk. Good…less one person fighting for the egg yolk. 😀

So here wishing everyone, a Happy and Joyous Mid-Autumn. Enjoy yourself with your love ones.

Tarpaulin = Blanket

One of this kind of truck stoped beside us at the traffic light while sending Jonathan to school one of the mornings.

And you know what he told me…”Mommy, see the truck got BLANKET.”

Back for One Minute

I have not been updating our Cyberhome as often as before nor do I blog hop. Family and work is getting more demanding which I hardly have the time to think and write and edit the photos. I had few posts drafted but incomplete so could not be posted up.

For the last 6 months, many things happened and many places we’d been which I would like to share…Jonathan’s progress in school, Jonathan’s music class, our short excursion, an investment we had made,  and many more.  Hopefully in a next couple of days, there will some some interesting post lining up for my fellow blog reader.

Till then, have a nice day!

Philea Resort and Spa

We were lucky to have caught Merryn in time before she launched herself to this beautiful resort. We decided to join in the fun with she and her family at the Earth Hour event organised by Philea Resort and Spa Ayer Keroh Malacca after the quick tour of History City Malacca.


I received so many reminder FB tags from Merryn to be there to join them at the pool before the dinner. Haha.. By the time we reach there, Jonathan was so tired that it took us ages to get him down into the water.

This was what greeted us as we make our ways to the pool. The rooms are made of logs and I was told this resort is the first and one of a kind to use logs with no nails to join them together. Awesome.

Philea Resort Rooms

Look at him after he decided to “give in”…..

Jonathan @ Philea Resort Swimming Pool

Jonathan joined Ethan (on the crocodile float) in the fun with William and Merryn watching over them. Both Julie and myself did not bring swimming attire for this. Hehe. 😛

We then adjurned to the room to get the drenched gang ready for dinner. This is how it looks like inside. I feel like I’m back to basic, with the addition of Air conditioning and some touch of luxury. 🙂

Philea Resort Rooms

These are some features of the room we stayed. Love the ambiance to the max. 🙂

Features of rooms

After freshen up, we met up for dinner in the Nusantara restaurant. The food theme of the day is Seafood in conjunction with Earth Hour 2011. We were informed in advanced that lights will be switch off from 8:30PM till 9:30PM. During this time all guests are invited to join in the fun drawing event themed “Loving Mother Earth”. Guests will be drawing in the dark. 😀

Buffet Line up Part1

The buffet line up was yummy with fresh seafood all ready to be devoured. LoL. We certainly enjoyed our time there.

For those who would want to get some time out and a good outing for the family without going far from town, this place is definitely one good choice.

Philea Resort & Spa, Ayer Keroh, Melaka is currently having a Family Getaway Package. At RM 1,000 nett for Pavilion Room and RM 1,400 nett for Philea Suite your family gets to enjoy a 3D/2N accommodation with buffet breakfast at Nusantara, a picnic basket, tickets to the Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary and of course an unforgettable getaway.


Philea Resort & Spa
Lot 2940 Jalan Ayer Keroh
Off Jalan Plaza Toll
75450 Ayer Keroh

Tel : +6 06 2333 399
Fax : +6 06 2332 299

Kuala Lumpur Sales Office
1.02 Level 1, Menara AA,
247 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +6 03 2141 8966
Fax: +6 03 2145 3966

Email : [email protected]
: [email protected]

Visit website for more details

Website Address:

Time out to History City

I’ve been wanting to get some time out lately due to stress at work. A short getaway is all that is needed. Few days ago, we decided to just hop onto our ride and take a tour back to the city of history, Malacca. It has been years since I last stepped my feet there. This would be the first time for Jonathan. Our mission – to munch on some of our favourite food there. Yum Yum. 🙂

At the same time, we got to know that Merryn is heading to Philea Resort and Spa for the Earth Hour event. Julie dropped her a message on FB that we’ll be going to Malacca too. Excitedly she added us into the invitation to participate in the event. Hehe.. So we get to join her in the resort for this event.

We departed on Saturday around half past noon and reached at 2 plus. Good journey with not much traffic. The first thing that awed me was how much the place has changed.

The Jonker Walks

We didn’t waste much time and head straight to the first food in our list, the Chicken rice balls of Hoe Kee Chicken Rice. When we reached there, the queue was “Bearable”.

While queuing, I reached out to my phone wanted to check in to FB and then I exclaimed…  “I LEFT MY PHONE ON THE CAR DASHBOARD”… Rushed back to the car to retrieved it. Good thing it’s still there with the car windows still attached. Phew.. We then waited for about 15 mins and the Si Tau Po asked, do you mind “Tapp Toi” with another couple. Urmm… Both Julie and I look at each other and I say, ok lar.. Would you?

Our meal consists of rice balls, chicken and assam fish. Gobbled down in just minutes. Haha.. We were hungry hungry then mar. 😛

Then we went to quick jalan-jalan (tour) around the place.

We then headed to get our favourite cendol. Not wanting to miss out the famous Jonker 88, darling and I decided to give it a try.

To our disappointment, our tastebuds disagreed to give it a pass. Then we decided to head to the stall which we normally eat and lo behold, they’ve closed shop for the day. *sigh*.. mission unaccomplished. Nevertheless, the adventure during that short tour was rewarding and managed to takes my mind off work.

Well, we then headed to Philea Resort and Spa, which is located in Ayer Keroh.

— end of part 1 of 2 —