Our Birthdays in 2006

Our birthday is an additional celebration which Darling and I make it an effort to spend time together. It can be a holiday, a simple or sumptious dinner, or just a blow of cake. Most of the time, we would take a holiday break, be it a budgeted holiday or an annual breakaway.

This year, felt guilty for not able to celebrate Darling’s birthday to the fullest.  I joined F&N last year thus was still under probation so were unable to take vacation leave.  So, had to celebrate his birthday at home.  He didn’t seems to grumble of course because he had no choice I bought him his favourite Blueberry Cheese Cake. :P He wanted Durian Cake but it was not durian season.  We didn’t want to end up like the durian cendol we had in Kopitiam!

A birthday cake that’s all? Of course not. I made him a birthday card and attached a bookmark. Initially, it’s gonna be card-without-words (hoping Darling can read my love to him which are in my mind :P) but haha…luckily I saw Kharsyn had this cute rubber stamps from McDonalds. So I stamped the whole card with it.  I was thinking to myself: Darling better not get dissapointed, or else….he make his own card. 😛

How about mine? Of course mine would be a good one. 😛 Was confirmed in F&N in March so I took two days leave. We went to Penang for a 2 days holiday. (Thanks to Chyi for her warm hosting) Why Penang? Well, Darling have not really toured around Penang. The last time was there for 2004 Christmas and we experienced the Tsunami quake. We visited the Butterfly Farm, Spice Garden and Bukit Jambul Orchid, Hibiscus and Reptile Garden.

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