Being an “Educated” Homemaker

Ever since I was matured enough to think about my future, my ambition/dream is to be a Homemaker.  Most, in fact all who heard about my ambition were suprised. Some think that it is not an ambition. Some think that I will not last long as a homemaker. Some think that it is a waste of education. I still remember asking my mom if she would be disappointed for spending money in my education until Degree and yet I ended to be a homemaker.  To her, she has fulfilled her responsibility in providing us education up to tertiary. All she hopes to see after that is her children lived well and have sufficient income to support ourselves and family.

I’ve been asked by numerous people why I pursue my tertiary education if my ambition is to be a housewife. In fact, I am now a Masters Degree holder. The reason I pursue higher education is to be competitive and for the security of my future. When you are educated, it doesn’t mean you need to be in the marketplace and practice what you have learned. Education is not just for job security in the marketplace. And obviously your husband does not want an uneducated wife for his children.

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