It has always been my dream/ambition to be a SAHM and I have confidence that I won’t turn back to the marketplace until my children is old enough to take care of themselves. Darling is quite supportive about me being a SAHM to take care of the children and household but he is also quite worried that I will like a “ah sam” or bored. He allows me to be a SAHM provided that I must have a group of friends to socialise with and involve in meaningful activities (not just shopping and gossiping of course) such as handicraft, cooking, church, etc.

Recently people has been debating about SAHM, PTWM or FTWM. Each have their own reasons. And recently, Darling was promoted to a managerial position and has extra responsibilities. Worse still, he has to clean up his ex-colleagues “rubbish” which puts more pressure to his work. Yesterday he told me that he wanted to let go and go back to programming.

What he had shared with me makes me reevaluate my dream/ambition to be a SAHM. He too has an ambition to having his own business or work from home. It is not fair for him being alone fighting in the war for the family. If I were a SAHM, it is not enough by just giving him the emotional and mental support when he feels down at work. If I can contribute to part of the household income, then he don’t have to climb the career ladder just for the sake of the family’s financial. Even if both of us are working, I believe that by God’s grace, both of us can still nuture our children to walk in the ways of God. Things will be perfect as long as we are one in the bond of love and faithful to Him.

Let the Lord guide and give us the wisdom to make the wise choice.

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