30th Weeks…

Praise the Lord!

By God’s grace and mercy, He has blessed Darling and I this little being that has been growing in me 7 months ago. We went through a tough time last year and through that, God had taught us to be more faithful to Him.

Darling has been extra supportive, loving and caring during my pregnancy. He is already a supportive, loving and caring husband and now adding the extras. So you can imagine how much he sacrifices for me and baby emotionally, physically and financially.

God is really good to me. Besides the backache, heartburn and indigestion, Darling and I don’t have to go through the nightmare of morning sickness. Zero MC so far which makes me a proud employee. 🙂 I had loss of appetite initially but my appetite came back in the 4th month of pregnancy which resulted in weight gain after that. My gynae always say, “Watch out your weight!”. Oh my, what can I do? The food is so tempting. 😀

Month by month, we sees how the baby has grown. My stomach is getting bigger, belly button has pop up, I am much heavier each weeks and my movement is getting slower. And of course baby is growing well in the “comfort zone”. I can feel baby’s movement more intense each day. It has been a good progress so far. We continue to pray that our gracious God will see us through this pregnancy until we meet our baby eye-to-eye.

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