I Was Due!

I was exactly in my 40th weeks yesterday but I’m still here in the office. It means that my little baby is still in my tummy and he is feeling so comfortable. He is a smart baby and probably knows that his mummy still got some stuff that has yet to be handed over to her colleagues. He is also very tolerant and patient to give me another day or two to clear my office matters. Albeit he has my characters…SMART! 😛 Cheers to you Darling!

If baby is not out by Sunday, I will need to be admitted on Monday for an induce. Good for Darling as he don’t have to go through the panicking moment…receive my emergency call while at the office and driving madly home to send me to hospital. Darling has been quite excited since yesterday calling me every few hours to check if I’m ok.

So now I have another two days (hopefully) in the office. Must really appreciate this time. I may have another weekend (not so hopefully) to do a last minute shopping and eat-all-I-can-eat. I’m already thinking of the Ramadhan buffet or bazaar, cold icy drinks, cooling desserts/tong shui and lots more. I’m gonna miss that. I must also spend longer time under the shower now before I go for my one month “water rationing”.

But of all those that I’m gonna missed, I just can’t wait to hold my little baby. His blessed number may be 5, 6, 7, or 8…

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