Mommy’ Side of Story

Let me share about the birth of our baby, Jonathan.

After waited for 5 days, there was no sign of labour so as scheduled, I admitted myself on Monday morning for induce. As my gynae broke the water bag ready for induction, he noticed baby’s feaces and immediately arrange for a C-section. As explained by our gynae, it will take a long time for baby to be delivered as I was only 2cm dilated and baby’s head is still high up. By waiting, it will only stress out the baby. I was quite disappointed upon hearing that as I really wanted to go through the real labour and experience the pain every mothers had. I was so sorry to Darling that he missed the opportunity of cutting baby’s umbilical cord and holding our baby immediately after birth. However, we trust the doctor’s expertise and surrender everything to God.

Indeed God is gracious! The C-section went on well. I was fully awake during the whole operation. I got to feel and enjoy the moment doctor pull baby Jonathan out from my stomach. In fact doctor exclaimed that he is a big baby and no wonder he refused to come out. I never regret the C-section after that. Like in natural birth, the feeling when baby slip out from the birth canal is the same as when doctor pull Jonathan out from my stomach. Like in natural birth, the pain of contraction is the same as the pain after C-section.

Despite all the pains, seeing Jonathan and holding him in my arms make all pains bearable. He gave me the will and courage to lift myself up from the hospital bed so that I can carry and pamper him close to my heart.

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  1. Ann says:

    Opppsss…..I actually was induced as well. And I didnt know how to push. Pushed for one whole hour! Was inhibited coz shy I will ‘pang sai’…only later to discover that the ‘sai’ was the baby!

    I think no way is better than the other. In fact I see my C-sec friends bouncing back to sex life faster! We natural ones are scared of the episotmoy stickes and the pain below!

    ... on July February 14th, 2008
  2. misstymom says:

    lol @ ann. 🙂 i was induced too only because my water bag burst but labour didnt come as planned so they had induce labour n after that, sakit like hell la. i oso didnt know what it was to push, memang feel like want to pangsai AND i was also shy but at that time who cares n i’m sure docs n nurses are quite used to it la. thankfully it didnt happen to me. 🙂 it’s true abt the sex life too but c-sect i think more scary coz i’ll be thinking aiyo, inside heal already or not arr?? i got the stitches too so it was also pain la. want to pangsai oso scared after deliver so i just sit down n wait for it. lol 😛 it’s funny when u think back but at that time, aiyoo….suffer!! but it was ALL worth it. 🙂

    ... on July July 26th, 2008

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