Jonathan…3 Months


Praise the Lord! Jonathan is growing well although he still spit up milk at times. This is Jonathan’s growth so far:

Weight: 3.99kg
Height: 53cm
Head Cir.: 34cm

1 Month
Weight: 4.3kg
Height: 56cm
Head Cir.: 36cm

2 Months
Weight: 5.8kg
Height: 60cm
Head Cir.: 40cm

3 Months
Weight: 7.1kg
Height: 63cm
Head Cir.: 41cm

In between 2 to 3 months, Jonathan is able to laugh and he likes to smile with mouth open wide. He will then hide his face shyly. He started to lift up his head at the age of 1 month and now he can do mini push-up steadily. When he is angry, he tend to push himself forward. He can grasp his soft toys now. He is learning to turn too. And I think soon he will learn to crawl. He’s becoming more observant now. His head and eyes will turn to follow wherever I go. He’s a big eater until his Paediatrician, Dr. Lee advised us to watch his weight. Well, it could be genetic as Darling and I were both a heavy baby.

Oh, my little baby boy is still an impatient cry baby. When he is hungry, sleepy or not in the mood, he wouldn’t allow you to lie him down. Worse now, he is so used to sleeping on his tummy until he is not able to fall asleep on his back and starts to fuss.

We brought Jonathan for immunization yesterday. He almost wanted to cry by showing his “tut tut” (sharp) mouth but I quickly pampered him. You just can’t imagine how loud is his cry if he really cried it out.

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