Jonathan’s Magic Tool


Naturally Jonathan fall in love with pacifier. At around 2 months, he developed the urge of sucking. It started one night when I had a hard time putting him to sleep after each feeding as he keeps on rubbing his mouth on the bed. I thought he is still hungry so I breastfeed him again. One breast after another and yet he is not satisfied and still want to suck. It took me hours to comfort/pat/sway him to sleep. At times, I got so impatient and spanked him on his buttock. At times, he will wake up after half and hour wanting to suck. In the end, I got no choice but to offer him a pacifier and after that, every night is a peaceful night for me. If I don’t stuff the pacifier in his mouth, he will start sucking his fingers and ended up sucking his thumb which is very “dangerous”.


Before Jonathan is born, I told myself that I would not give my baby pacifier no matter what. I know that there’s no harm in giving pacifier to babies as it soothe and comfort them. Some said it stimulates the brain so they will be smarter. But my reason is that I don’t want to have a hard time weaning him from it and it’s inconvenient and unhygienic as you have to make sure it doesn’t fall off when you are outdoor.

Initially the pacifier is to help him to sleep but now, he will cry for it during play time. And I think because of this, he drools nowadays. Gosh, I just hope he won’t hold on to the pacifier for long.

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