Got Attracted by Jonathan

We brought Jonathan along to JJ, Bukit Tinggi yesterday. While Darling went it to the Supermarket section, I waited with Jonathan outside the Supermarket near the payment counters. 

There was this little girl (I think she’s about 3 – 4 years old) from Middle-East country (she’s so pretty with rosie cheeks) who spotted our adorable Jonathan and started playing with him. She extended her hands for Jonathan to grab. She got all excited when Jonathan grabbed her fingers tightly and smiled at her. Then the little girl’s mommy joined the fun and caress his soft cheeks. Both the little girl and mommy got attracted by Jonathan’s cuteness. The little girl can’t help it but to kiss Jonathan’s hand and later his forehead. Then there came her daddy, talking and smiling to Jonathan too. The moment Jonathan smiled back and cooed, their heart melted. The little girl’s daddy can’t help it but to kiss Jonathan’s hand too. The rest of their family members were so happy to see little Jonathan responding to their reaction. The little girl’s daddy whispered to me, “Your son is very friendly”. The little girl felt so heavy-hearted to leave Jonathan. She kissed Jonathan’s hand few more time before saying bye bye.

I felt so shy with so many of them surrounding us with Jonathan being the highlights. Jonathan is indeed a cheerful boy. He used to give me his cheekiest smile. Chiak!!


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