Jonathan…5 Months

Weight: 3.99kg
Height: 53cm
Head Cir.: 34cm

3 Months
Weight: 7.1kg
Height: 63cm
Head Cir.: 41cm

5 Months
Weight: 8.2kg
Height: 66cm
Head Cir.: 43cm

This is how much Jonathan boy has grown from birth till he’s 5 months now.  And his paediatrician still commented that he is overweight. Because of this, I have cut down the number of feedings since he was 3 months based on the paediatrician’s advice to increase the amount and interval (from 4oz every 3 hours to 6oz every 5 hours).  Furthermore I fully breastfeed him at night and on weekends. I guess it’s the genetic. Darling and I are quite a big baby at birth. I weighted more than 4kg and so far is the heaviest among my siblings and nieces/nephews.

Within just one month Jonathan boy has learned so much and progressed to a next milestone. He can now sit unaided for seconds and then lean forward to play with his toys for quite a while. When he’s tired, he will either fall to the back or tilt to the side. It makes our life much easier cause I can now put him on a walker and he can play by himself for quite some time.



He is able to drink from the bottle on his own. In the beginning, he was lazy and reluctant to hold the handle. He could not aim the teat to his mouth so he got very frustrated, gave up and yelled. When he got the hang of it, he drank like a thirsty camel now.


He dislike sleeping on his tummy now. Whenever I put him to sleep this way, he will struggle and turn himself upward. The bad side is that he will loose his pacifier from his mouth easily so will cries when he realised that his pacifier is no longer in his mouth. Sigh…

He will excitedly combat crawl to an object that he finds attractive. He will also grab anything within his reach and his favourite is plastic, book and paper. He will also try to reach out for your food. Because of this, I’ve tried him on solid few times. I gave him a slice of apple and he is not tired of sucking the sweet juicy apple.  The first time I gave him cereal, he took it so easily and wallop everything.


 Darling is wondering if Jonathan boy is growing too fast. I’ll say it’s all God’s blessing.

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  1. Ann says:

    Wow….I am impressed!

    Jonathan is indeed progressing very quickly! My boyboy still cannot sit unaided by himself! Reckon coz his head is bigger than his body! Sigh….

    It is indeed blessing from God to see them progress well! Good for Jonathan!

    ... on July March 17th, 2008

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