Impatient Me and/or Naughty He…

Jonathan has been howling in the middle of his sleep at night recently with no reason that I can see. Usually it’s around midnight.

Yesterday night, he slept and half an hour later, he just cried and cried. I tried to turn him to another position, put back his pacifier, called out to him to assure I’m by his side, etc.  None were working. Darling requested me to cradle him to sleep but I just don’t want to make it a habit of cradling him to sleep. At the end, I gave in so I picked him up and after a while, he fall back to sleep.

At times, he just refused to sleep even though he is tired and already rubbing his eyes. In the beginning, I can still tolerate and will try to soothe him to sleep by patting him, caress him or singing to him. I then get impatient when he still refuses to sleep after more than an hour.  It’s still alright if he is not sleeping but if he adds the howling and crankiness, there goes my limit. Frankly speaking, I have spanked him a few times and yet no effect. When I raised my voices and try to talk sense to him, he seems to understand and will cry even louder.

What should I pray then? “God, can you make me to be a mother with more patience?” Or rather… “God, can you make Jonathan to be a more goody boy?”

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  1. Ann says:

    Hey…my son is also going thru this stage now. he makes the utmost amount of noise when he is tired and will have to be picked up! And he refuses to lie down properly and sleep even though I can see he is sooooo tired!

    The only thing I can do is to rock him to sleep and also sing to him. It is super tiring for us mummies….but reckon it sure beats the nasty looks we get from people around us requesting with their eyes that we quieten our kids!

    let me know how it goes! I thought I was the only one!

    ... on July March 24th, 2008
  2. Julie says:

    Ann – I could just leave him to cry until he’s satisfied but like what you said, you will have pairs of eyes staring at you or his cries will waken up the whole neighbourhood. My husband and MIL will be the first to come to the rescue of his son/grandson.

    ... on July March 25th, 2008
  3. Hijackqueen says:

    My kolig was just asking me the same question. I can just reply her, “My 3 kids never (as long as I can remember) cry like that. I don’t know how to advise you.” As Mummy, all we could do is give in. Really. Makes life less stressful especially when all of us need a good night sleep.

    Your 3 kids never like that because you gave in. Say I’m stubborn but I just don’t want them to misbehave or climb on top of my head.

    ... on July April 1st, 2008

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