Independent and Demoted

Right after I graduated, I came to work in KL. Since I can’t drive (eventhough I have a driving license) and I don’t have a car, I went to work by public transport, i.e. LRT/KTM & bus.  After I’ve got married, I moved to Klang and is working Shah Alam (till now). Darling was working in TPM so we used to car pool. Such a nice feeling of having a “chauffer”. Wherever I want to go, Darling will drive me there. 

In December last year, my “chauffer”decided to “resign”. He got a job in Klang but I’m still in Shah Alam. Two different direction which means he can’t send me to work anymore so I have to drive, which also means we need to get another car, which also means additional financial burden to us. So finally, we drove home our new car yesterday.

Well, I’m more independent now. Sometimes, I’ll just call him to say I’ll be late and he have to be home early to take care of Jonathan, as I’ll detour to Jusco, Tesco or Giant on my way home just for a few minutes hours of shopping. On the other hand, the naughty me can just pick up Jonathan boy and drive to a secret place if Darling ever makes me angry…muahahaha…

But I am being DEMOTED…of course lar! Demoted to a driver lor…from a Managing Director position to a Driver. Which means I can’t steal some time to nap while on the way to work anymore unless I have Knight Rider’s superb car.

Overall, I’m glad cause I can now be home early to spend time with Jonathan boy.

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  1. Ann says:

    Yaloh…I think be independent sometimes good….but nice also to be driven!

    ... on July April 16th, 2008
  2. kimmy says:

    At least this chauffeur still works part time and on call basis.. hehe. 🙂

    ... on July April 16th, 2008
  3. littlelamb says:

    Ooo I work in Shah Alam too, and just beside Tesco. Next time can call me…

    ... on July September 15th, 2008
  4. Julie says:

    Littlelamb – I’m in Seksyen 26, a little further down after Ikea warehouse. Not really far from your place. We’ll find time to meet someday.

    ... on July September 20th, 2008

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