It’s Ratatouille and Year of Rat

I could smell something rotten in the store room.

My MIL told me HE ate my biscuit on the table.

I found out that HE drank two boxes of milk, one box of soyamilk. HE ate Jonathan boy’s cereals.

Again, I found out that HE took the whole pack of Jonathan boy’s cereal and the plastic bag is no where to be found. HE ate the oats I just bought few days ago.

That’s it! I have to go after HIM.

Tada!!! Gotcha!


This is the second time a rat came in to our house and moreover ate our food. The first rat was much bigger and he could jump up to the dining table and grab the whole loaf of bread. We couldn’t locate the rat so have to poison him and later saw him floating in the drain. Yucks!

This time, this rat is smaller. Darling knocked at all the racks in the store room and suddenly the rat jump out and both of us scared like mad (haha…now I know Darling is also afraid of rat). He knocked again and the rat ran out of the store room across my leg and hid behind the cabinet. Aaaaahhh!!! Jonathan boy got frightened by our screams. Quickly asked MIL to pick him up from the floor. Darling was smart enough to put the rat trap at the other end of the cabinet while we knock and shake the cabinet to scare him.

First attempt…he ran out from the cabinet and in to the trap but I we didn’t manage to close the trap on time so he ran back to the cabinet.

Second attempt…one person get ready to close the trap while the other do all the knocking and shaking to force that rat out.

What a drama and both of us were sweating all over. When we caught him, he is very fierce. He squeeked and bit the trap trying to release himself. You wouldn’t want to know how we handle him after that…

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  1. Ann says:

    Ewww….I hate rats !!!

    Glad you managed to catch it in the end.
    I shall be a sadist and ask…did you torture it kau kau after that? hehehe…

    ... on July May 1st, 2008
  2. Julie says:

    Ann – I hope I won’t get summon for cruelty to animal. We drowned him and the crow got their free meal in the morning.

    ... on July May 5th, 2008
  3. andrewjune says:

    hi julie…thks for dropping by our blog…are you also from pg?

    if there is anything in this world that i fear the most, is the RAT!
    sorry, but i REALLY hate them!

    p/s: you’re not cruel for drowning them, you’re saving the earth from being violated by them 🙂

    ... on July May 7th, 2008
  4. Julie says:

    andrewjune – White mice is fine for me but rat is definitely not.

    I’m in Klang but Sitiawan is my hometown. Saw your blog from a link on another blog.

    Thanks for visiting my Cyberhome too.

    ... on July May 8th, 2008
  5. Siew Chai says:

    Let me guess. You BBQ the rat?

    ... on July June 11th, 2008
  6. Kimmy says:

    Siew Chai.. We do it the old way… The rat walked the plank.. 😀

    ... on July June 12th, 2008

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