First Fall…Ooopps!

Jonathan boy has been sleeping with us on our bed since many months ago as I find it so comfortably-lazy breastfeeding him while lying on the bed. Then both of us will be in our dreamland after that. Each morning then, I’ll wake up early to prepare his porridge leaving him on the bed with Darling.

On Wednesday morning, while I was preparing his porridge in the kitchen downstairs, suddenly I heard a loud stomp and immediately followed by a loud cry. I knew what had happened and quickly rush upstairs. True enough, Jonathan boy fell down from the bed. How did it happened?

Well, I didn’t realised that Jonathan boy awaken the moment I left the room. Darling was sound asleep so he did not realised it as well. As usual he loves to grab the cock shaped alarm clock on the side table. I guess when he was trying to reach out for the alarm clock, he lost his balance and fell head down from the bed. His forehead touched the floor but both his leg were hanging in the air leaning against the bed. There was a slight bump on his forehead only but his upper lip were swollen and the inner lip bled a little.

I was so afraid that he may not be able to eat so I try to breastfeed him. Thank God, he was fine. It’s not that he had never fall before…those are minor fall which are part and parcel of growing up but this is falling from another level of height. We have been very careful all these while when putting him on the bed and I always remind myself never ever let him fall. I guess I always take it for granted that it’s ok to leave him on the bed since he is looks sound asleep and Darling is sleeping beside him.  I’m so sorry, Jonathan boy. Mommy would be more careful next time.

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  1. andrewjune says:

    whenever one of us leaves the bed, we would create a barrier (using pillows & blosters and stack them up!)…otherwise we will place her in her playpen…
    hopefully his bump on his head is better by now 🙂

    ... on July July 7th, 2008
  2. Ann says:

    Oh dear…..but as all mummy and daddy’s will tell you….kids are more hardy and resilient then we think.

    he will be back and bouncing and back to normal in a few minutes!

    ... on July July 8th, 2008
  3. Ryan's mami says:

    Err… creating a barrier with pillows and bolsters doesn’t work for my baby. He’d be climbing or roll over(in his sleep) the barrier and fell off from the bed!

    My boy has fallen few times already ever since he knows how to roll over at 4 months!! The latest one was falling off from his hammock cradle!

    ... on July July 8th, 2008
  4. debbie says:

    oh gosh… must be very painful!! But luckily he is fine afterall. So, lesson to mommy not to leave him without any ‘barrier’ le!!

    ... on July July 8th, 2008
  5. Julie says:

    I did create a barrier using pillows and bolsters but he is able to climb over it. I should have put him in the baby cot but afraid it will wake him up.

    ... on July July 9th, 2008

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