1st Time After 9 Months

Since newborn till now, Jonathan boy had never fall ill. Even when he was teething, there was no sign of fever or diarrhea. That’s the goodness of breastmilk.  But after 9 months, he is down with flu, cough and phlegm since Friday night. He is having slight diarrhea too and the faeces is a little sticky. It’s a sign of heatiness.

The flu is bad, mucous blocking the nostril and he’s having difficulty in breathing. I can’t even breastfeed him properly as he tends to pull away in order to breath. He dislike us touching any part of his face so whenever I want to wipe his nose, he turned away and yelled as though scolding complaining us. The pitiful thing is when we sprayed saline into his nostril and using a suction to suck out the mucous, he struggled and cried very loudly.

It could be due to dust as well because we are renovating our house and the whole house is so dusty. I hope he will recover soon.

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  1. christine says:

    so sorry to hear that jonathan fell and also now that he’s ill. i also always pray that lyan fung stays healthy and strong. i hope jonathan gets well soon.

    ... on July July 7th, 2008
  2. andrewjune says:

    perhaps it’s the dust and he’s allergy to it…if his condition worsens, probably should bring him to his paed…
    hope he gets well soon!
    btw, love your new family photo on the top right!

    ... on July July 7th, 2008
  3. Ann says:

    Oh….hope he gets well soon.

    And I also love your family photo at the top right. Looks professionally taken! 🙂

    ... on July July 8th, 2008
  4. Ryan's mami says:

    Oh dear… hope he’s speedy recovery!
    Ya, my baby also cried when I drip few drops of saline into his nose and also he doesn’t like anybody to touch his nose too! He’ll pushed me away the moment he saw me holding the cotton bud and screamed readily before I could clean his nose!

    ... on July July 8th, 2008
  5. debbie says:

    Poor little Jonathan. HOpe he will get well soon.

    I agreed wit Ann. Your family photo just looks great!!

    ... on July July 8th, 2008
  6. Julie says:

    Thanks all, Jonathan boy is getting better today. I hope he will fully recover soon especially the stuffy nose.

    Oh, that family photo? It was taken by my sis using her DSLR at one of this public park in Klang called Laguna Park.

    ... on July July 9th, 2008

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