Choo Choo…. I’m riding on a train

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Jonathan starts to love this kind of rides. This is him at 9 months old.
The face impression he shows when the train stops is so original. Cute and naughty, especially when he starts to shake his head at the end of the video.

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  1. Julie says:

    The first time I put him on the ride, he cried and wanted to climb out. Now, he is not willing to depart. 🙂

    ... on July August 6th, 2008
  2. christine says:

    make sure you always have coins!

    ... on July August 6th, 2008
  3. andrewjune says:

    wow…i hv not let rachael tried on it yet…hubby is worried if she can’t sit still on it…hahaha…

    ... on July August 7th, 2008
  4. Ann says:

    So cute….must let Christopher try also!

    ... on July August 7th, 2008
  5. anggie says:

    Jeremy boy afraid to seat on ride like this … he will hold me very tight .:( he only seat when the ride is stop n not move … hihihi

    oh ya, thanks for dropping by my blog ya, hope to see u again 🙂

    ... on July August 7th, 2008
  6. huisia says:

    haha..he looks so happy there

    ... on July August 7th, 2008
  7. Joanne Tiew says:

    So does he love Thomas and Frens Cartoon?

    ... on July August 28th, 2008

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