Blighted Ovum

Does blighted ovum or empty sac sounds familiar to you? A blighted ovum is a fertilized egg which implants in the uterus, and begins to devlop a gestational sac. The fertilized egg, however, fails to form beyond the sixth week but the placenta continues to grow. From the ultrasound, you will see a empty gestational sac and fails to detect a heartbeat. Usually by the 8th to 9th week, the heartbeat should be able to be detected via ultrasound.

In the past, many women miscarried blighted ovum pregnancies without knowing what had happened. Today, thanks to the technology that an ultrasound can diagnosis a blighted ovum and because of the advancement of technology, blighted ovum is becoming more common. If you are lucky, the unhealty embryo will be delivered via natural miscarriage. If not, you need to go through a D&C which could be something tough to accept. The most hurtful misconception is that there never was a baby. There are many conflicting discussions about the choice of waiting to miscarry (allowing a natural miscarriage) and having a D&C done.

I first learn of this medical term when it first happened to my sis four years ago. She was lucky enough that it got miscarried on the day she was supposed to be admitted for a D&C. I’d also been through this tough time with my first pregnancy two years ago. I waited and prayed for a natural miscarriage but it never happen until the 12th week so ended up having a D&C. Lately, my staff went through a D&C because she was having a blighted ovum.

I truly believe that our style of living contributes to the health of our pregnancy. The food that we consume nowadays are not as healthy as before. The water we drank, the vegetables and poultry we consumed are exposed to a poluted environment. More women are working adults so they are bound to stress and are lethargic.

My advice to all ladies out there who are planning for a baby, to take care of your health and diet at least 6 months before pregnancy. You should begin to consume folic acid and additionally, milk for pregnant mothers. Obviously it is not viable to be on exotic slimming-down plan eventhough your plans for a baby is more than 1 year down the line. You may look healthy but your internal system may not be so.

I was so blessed having beside me my Darling who is so lovingly supportive and bold. Blessed to have the care and concern from my sisters and parents.

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  1. agnes says:

    yea.. heard of cases like that since it happened to 2 of my frenz lately and now I know it was call blight ovum… chances by having it seems increasing and yea… we have to really take care of our body earlier if plan to conceive a healthy baby next.. 😉

    btw, feel sorry for ur sis and hope she is alright..

    ... on July September 3rd, 2008
  2. huisia says:

    has been hearing this over and over again, but now only i know the name.

    ... on July September 3rd, 2008
  3. littlelamb says:

    Thanks for the info. It “alerted” me.

    ... on July September 3rd, 2008
  4. caroline says:

    No wonder last time when I am pregnant with my daughter, my gynea told me that she need to see the bb heartbeat first then only can confirmed there is a baby in me. Now I know what she is looking for.

    ... on July September 3rd, 2008
  5. Ryan's mami says:

    Ya, heard that before and 1 or 2 friends of mine had miscarriage due to this…

    Thank god, you’ve been blessed with a beautiful baby! 🙂

    Oh ya, I saw your 2 darlings’ photo published in this month’s Parenthood mag! Congrats ya!

    ... on July September 4th, 2008
  6. Ann says:


    Lil one is a true blessing then. But then so are all babies.

    It is so miraculous!

    ... on July September 4th, 2008
  7. Aunty Next Door says:

    Nothing to comment but then, hey! My little princess is in the mag too. hehehehe! Dem eksyen la I know.

    ... on July September 4th, 2008
  8. sting says:

    I agreed that it’s not easy to accept that there was no baby in the very first place… especially for first time parents too…

    ... on July September 4th, 2008
  9. mc says:

    Yeah eating healthy is important, for everyone, pregnant or not pregnant.

    ... on July September 4th, 2008
  10. andrewjune says:

    i am not aware of this julie…i am glad you alerted me…but i took folic asid and milk during my pregnancy, and i often thank the Almighty God for blessing me with a beautiful child (regardless the gender!)

    i believe we should be having a healthy diet even if we are preganant or not, compliment it with some exercises then we should be a healthy mum!

    i got a friend in her early 20’s…super skinny and she will not gained weight even if she ate a lot…cos she vomits it all out after each meal! yeah she’s having aneroxia…no pont asking me to advise her cos everyone has been and she will pull a long face if we tried taking her onto it…
    i sincerely feel pity for this lday and hope she is able to conceive later when she is older…no one can stops her if she does not loves herself…things women will do for the sake of being skinny! *argh*

    and hv a great weekend!

    ... on July September 4th, 2008

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