Stars of My Heart

My Darling and Kimmy Jr.
My Darling and Kimmy Jr.

 They are theof my

Darling, showering us with his unconditional and neverending love, care and joy. A blessing from God for a perfect partner who complements my life. A role model Daddy to his children.

Jonathan boy, a precious gift from God, bringing joy and laughter to us. 99.9% says Jonathan boy looks like his Daddy. I’m so disappointed…after carrying him for 9 months and all I’ve got is Daddy’s look. Only his right eye resemble my eye. But to keep me happy, Darling say Jonathan boy got 100% of my character. Yeah….the stubborn and demanding character…but smart. Hehe…

But I’m glad Jonathan boy got his Daddy’s look. Darling has beautiful eyes with double eye-lid and nice eyebrows. My eyes are smaller and no double eye-lid! I hope he has Darling’s set of teeth too…sitting straight, side by side each other.

The above photo was taken when Jonathan is around 6 months old at Laguna Park in Klang by my sis’ with her SLR. The green background make the whole pic so outstanding and sharp, whatmore taken with a SLR. And here, the same photo appears in The Parenthood magazine of September ’08 issue.

Yeap, it was selected as one of the consolation winner in the Stars of Pureen photo contest. This is the first time my entry is being selected in a photo contest. I have submitted a few photos previously but was unsuccessful.

Not wasting the opportunity, I’ve also submitted my niece’s photo in the Fiffy’s Happy Holiday photo contest. Her photo was being selected in the September ’08 issue too! This 3+ years old cutie-chatter-box of my sis is a real beautiful and photogenic gal. Why I call her chatter box? She can talk and talk and talk. I love to challenge her speaking and thoughts by probing her with questions and giving her funny or unrealistic answers. This “evil” aunt just love to confuse her and I like the way she responded. Kid says the darndest things. But sometimes, she can really make your life up side down.

Our 11 months of Jonathan boy is turning 1 year old soon. His two lower incisor has erupted. That will be his 7th and 8th tooth.  He loves to play peek-a-boo with us. Whenever we say peek-a-boo, he will put his hand on his head or cover his eyes. From the peek-a-boo game, he now knows where is his head.

Me: Jonathan boy, where is your head?
Jonathan boy: *Put his hand on his head and smile*

Me: *Finished his porridge*  Good boy, Jonathan. No more…
Jonathan boy: Mo more ma…

Recently, I noticed a new trick from him. Imagine Superman flying in the air with one hand reaches out and the other tugging at his waist. With the same position, lie on your tummy and using your leg, glide to the front. That is how he chooses to crawl now! *Slap head*

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  1. andrewjune says:

    congratulations for winning Pureen’s products! that’s really one beautiful photo of lil jonathan and his daddy…
    i know how you feel when 99.9% said the baby looks like the daddy…hahaha…(been there too!)

    pls post to us later what are the pureen gifts…


    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  2. mc says:

    It’s great that he can say some words already! Keira is 13 months, but still doesn’t say anything that I understand:(

    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  3. littlelamb says:

    That great Jonathan can call you ma. i’m sure your heart melts….

    Till today, Philip only can say Mum-Mum (refering to i’m hungry)….

    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  4. KittyCat says:

    Wah, you can even tell his right eye is like you? LOL

    No matter who looks like, he’s CUTE!

    You’re so nice to post such nice things about your Hubby. If I did that, my Hubby won’t need the car to get to work…he can float already hahaha

    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  5. christine says:

    all i can say is… aww… so sweet!

    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  6. Julie says:

    June – Thanks. Jonathan looks proves that we didn’t bring back the wrong baby from hospital. Haha…

    MC – Jonathan only utter/babble those words when he feels like it. Sometimes it’s just coincidence his babbling sounds like words. Don’t be surprised when Keira starts to speak, she will not stop.

    Littlelamb – He don’t really call Mama yet. At times it sounded like he’s calling Mama or mum-mum.

    KittyCat – Can tell…cause his right eye is smaller and the shape look alike mine.

    Christine – Thanks.

    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  7. HN says:

    The picture is very well captured. Both papa and little Jonathan looks so happy and contented 🙂 Congrats on the winning!

    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  8. sting says:

    congrats on wining! 🙂 he sure can babble very well.. you must be real proud of him and your hubby.. hehe..

    ... on July September 10th, 2008
  9. Joanne Tiew says:

    Congrats to you of winning the contest.
    By the way, Jonathan and your hubby has fair complexion.

    ... on July September 11th, 2008
  10. debbie says:

    Wah… it seems many blogger has won prize in the contest. Congrats!!!

    Btw, I just got to know that Jessie Ling is your sis. No wonder you both looks similar. 🙂

    ... on July September 11th, 2008
  11. lil prince's mum says:

    What a sweet photo 🙂

    ... on July September 11th, 2008
  12. Karen, Mama of Ji Hin says:

    I think Jonathan looks like u both, combination. His face’s shape 100% from your mask 🙂

    ... on July September 11th, 2008
  13. AdEl says:

    Hello….. congrats on winning.

    And hubby and I also always use the words ” at least we’re sure that we didn’t bring home the wrong baby” cos our little girl looks like a mini replica of her daddy!

    ... on July September 12th, 2008
  14. Ryan's mami says:

    Congrats!! 🙂

    Jonathan knows how to talk already??

    ... on July September 12th, 2008
  15. Julie says:

    Sting – Thanks! He only babble when he feels like it.

    Joanne – Don’t get trick by the photo. Both of them don’t have fair complexion like me. So sad…

    Debbie – You must be kidding that we look similar. She is darker, slimmer and taller than me.

    Lil Prince’s Mum – Thanks!

    Karen – Are you trying to make me happy? Hihi…

    Ryan’s Mami – He can’t talk yet. He only know how to say “mo more” depending on his mood.

    ... on July September 12th, 2008
  16. lil prince's mum says:

    Julie, I agreed with Karen, too…
    And hor.. I think u n ur hubby oso look-alike.. hahaha~~ husband-wife-baby.. all similar look..

    ... on July September 12th, 2008
  17. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi, good looking kid, and father too. Mom looks sensational….what I call a picture perfect family.
    Have a great week, and keep well, lee.

    ... on July September 14th, 2008
  18. Ryan's mami says:

    Hey, I’ve got an award for you 🙂
    Do check it out at my blog. hehe…

    ... on July September 15th, 2008
  19. Julie says:

    AdEl – Welcome to my Cyberhome and thanks for dropping a comment. You’ve got a chubby baby Elyssa.

    Uncle Lee – Thanks for the compliment. Hope to see you around again.

    ... on July September 15th, 2008
  20. caroline says:

    Wow …. I missed this entry of your blog. Congratulations to you!! That is a sweet picture. So have you collected your prize yet? You must be thrilled. Keep up the good work and sent in more entries 🙂

    ... on July September 15th, 2008
  21. Joanne Tiew says: it ya? Is ok lah, Jonathan looked handsome with dark skin colour too…

    ... on July September 16th, 2008
  22. Angela says:

    Congrats! Shd ask Kimmy to take off his glassess, then will look more alike. What are the gifts u get?

    ... on July September 16th, 2008
  23. yugene says:


    What a nice photo…

    Like what u said…I also complain to my hubby…after 9 months preggy, then the BB got daddy look..but when he smile at you and sayang u (lying his head on your chest!) you are then the most happiest person in the world!!

    ... on July September 17th, 2008
  24. Julie says:

    Yugene – Welcome to my Cyberhome.

    Totally agree with you. Jonathan prefer to lie on my chest. Even when my husband and I sleep side by side, he will still snuggle to my side.

    ... on July September 19th, 2008
  25. kristie says:

    lovely photo julie! jonathan is so chubby and cute 🙂

    ... on July September 21st, 2008

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