Alphabet Tag

Was tagged by Agnes on this one. A, B, C,…,Z!

A. Attached or single? – Permanently attached.
B. Best friend? – Not really, merely just friends.
C. Cake or pie? – Cake.
D. Day of choice? – Saturday. Can sleep till the sun shining at my buttock.
E. Essential item? – Mobile phone. Can’t leave home without it.
F. Favorite color? – Blue. That’s my wedding theme. But getting to like champagne colour.
G. Gummy bears or worms? – Gummy bears of course. Don’t ever come near me with a worm.
H. Hometown? – Famous of seafood…Sitiawan.
I. Favorite indulgence? – Depending on my mood.
J. January or July? – January.
K. Kids? – Oh, you mean how many I have now? Visit my Cyberhome and you’ll know the answer.
L. Life isn’t complete without? – My Darling and my kid(s).
M. Marriage date? – 22 January 2005
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? – None. I don’t like reading.
O. Orange or apple? – Orange, provided they must be sweet.
P. Phobias? – Lizards, frog or any reptile or slimy thing.
Q. Quotes? – *Ask my Darling. He’s very good in quotes.*
R. Reasons to smile? – Everyday when I arise from bed and see the sun shine.
S. Season of choice? – Autumn
T. Tag 5 people – Guess most have already got tagged so not tagging anyone here.
U. Unknown facts about me? – Drop me a note if you want to know anything unknown.
V. Vegetable? – My fav is kai lan’s stem.
W. Worst habit? – Eat and eat and eat…junk food most of the time.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? – Ultrasound…less risk.
Y. Your favorite food(s)? – Pork ribs.
Z. Zodiac sign – Aries.

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  1. kristie says:

    i love champagne colour too, so glam 🙂

    ... on July November 27th, 2008
  2. kristie says:

    i’ve a tag for u 🙂

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  3. Ann says:

    Can’t think about the X-ray or ultrasound thing….is there even a reason for choosing? Both will never happen together at will never be a choice no?

    I think I am over analysing a simple tag!

    ... on July December 1st, 2008
  4. Joanne Tiew says:

    I got a tag for you

    ... on July December 11th, 2008

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