Blame It On The Rain

It’s 3.00am now and I’m still awake merely to let my hair dry before I can go to bed. Nop…neither did I just came back from a late night movie nor clubbing nor just finished spring cleaning my house nor because of I just managed to settle down a crying baby. All because of the RAIN! Sometimes rain could be a blessing to us, sometimes rain can create disaster. This time is the latter!

There was a heavy downpour yesterday in the whole of Klang. Not too sure about other places. It started to rain at around 7.30pm. Getting heavier and heavier until at 10.00pm, the thunder alerted Darling’s car alarm. Darling went down to check on his car. But suddenly, he called out for me and at the same time, my sis next door gave me a ring to check on my kitchen. So I went downstairs. The moment I saw my kitchen, it was flooding and the water was filling up almost 1 inch, reaching my living room.

Grabbing whatever cloth that was around, I tried to save the water from running up my living room. But the water speed was faster than me. The water ran underneath my staircase and everything there was wet.  I can’t be bothered of that anymore but to think of a way to prevent more water from coming into the kitchen. Luckily I have a sliding door in between the kitchen and living room so it helps a little. The water was coming thru the squatting toilet bowl and overflowed the bathroom then to my kitchen. The only thing I could do was to prevent more water from flowing in by scooping out the water. Sis even throw a sandbag into the toilet bowl to prevent more water from flowing out. The whole thing was so DRAMATIC. When situation were under controlled, we could still joke of it just to release our tension.

Surrounding the house, the water level was around knee high. The water only started to subside around 12.30am. It’s still raining now but not that heavy. The whole housing area got affected. BIL almost got stucked in the middle of the road as everywhere was flooded. Our area is prone to flood but this is the worst in 6 years of my stay in this area. Some of my neighbours just watched the water flowing into their house as nothing much can be done to stop the water.

And now, all of us are suffering from backache, muscle pain, sore fingers and lack of sleep. Blame it on the rain!

p/s: Too busy with the scooping job so no time to take photos.

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  1. Aunty Next Door says:

    My little rascal releasing her toy boat at the flooded car porch then yell, MUMMY, my boat is running (drifting) away. lol

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  2. Merryn says:

    oh u poor thing.. is everything back to normal now?

    luckily there was no crocodiles out of the toilet bowls..;p

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  3. littlelamb says:

    oh dear.. hope everything is OK now.
    i agree..a lot of work n cleaning to be done..also some repair work to prevent further banjir…..

    take care.

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  4. Kimmy Sia says:

    My little rascal releasing her toy boat at the flooded car porch then yell, MUMMY, my boat is running (drifting) away. lol

    Then came Uncle kimmy to the rescue. Your little rascal said, “Yea, My boat is saved”.

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  5. huisia says:

    OMG..really a big disaster !

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  6. kristie says:

    omg! blame it on the poor drainage systems!!!

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  7. Karen says:

    hope everything alright now.

    ... on July November 28th, 2008
  8. Joanne Tiew says:

    Julie, so now all the things in your living hall, for eg, sofa set, cupboard..all wet?

    ... on July November 29th, 2008
  9. andrewjune says:

    ohhhh…this just reminds me of my hometown’s incident!
    sure there will be a LOT of cleaning/repairing work to be done! arghhhhhhhhhh!

    i’m so sorry to hear about this Julie, and i hope everything is well and ok by now and not much damage has been done!

    ... on July November 29th, 2008
  10. mc says:

    what a shock to see water coming into your house! hope it’s all dry again..

    ... on July November 30th, 2008
  11. Julie says:

    Merryn – No crocodile but got cockroaches.

    Littlelamb – Yalor. Need to think of how to prevent the flood water from coming in.

    Joanne – The water did not manage to go any further until the sofa area. But those boxes and stuff underneath my staircase all wet.

    June – Not much of damage but the whole weekend spent in cleaning and housekeeping.

    MC – Yeah, I was shocked the moment I see my kitchen floor was filled with water.

    ... on July November 30th, 2008
  12. Ann says:

    Oh, where do you stay? I thought you stay in PJ no?

    IF you had taken pics, it would have been more of a fun crisis than a REAL crisis! 🙂

    ... on July December 1st, 2008
  13. yugene says:

    My hubby told me about that..I was not in Klang last week….

    Hope everything back to normal…

    ... on July December 6th, 2008

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