Avillion Port Dickson

Nope…it wasn’t a holiday for me. I was there to stress out my brain for an off-site meeting to align our team’s strategies and setting the KPIs for the next 12 months.  Since I’m still BF Jonathan boy (morning & night only), I had to take him along for this 3D 2N meeting.  Darling had to work so I got my parents to come with me to babysit Jonathan. Two of my nieces tagged along too.

We stayed in the water chalet with a partial sea view. Before the trip, I was so excited. But when I stepped in to the water chalet, nothing to woo about actually. Besides its open sky bathroom, the room is not as big as what I see from their website.  The room comes with four-poster bed and a Pangkin daybed.

This is where we stayed.


The spa…Avi Spa

What lured me was the open shower concept where you could experience the freedom of showering or bathing underneath the clear blue sky.  I felt uneasy at first and kept looking up if there is anyone hanging on the roof looking at me bathing.  After a while, I felt so tantalizing showering with their aromatherapic bath gel and shampoo.


The kids was having great time at the petting farm and swimming pool. Jonathan enjoyed himself at the pool and playground. They even have a playroom for children. Mom obviously busy taking care of Jonathan whild Dad prefers to laze in the room watching tv.

Jonathan boy had a great time with his Gong Gong, Po Po and two big Jie Jie. But poor me…I see the sun rise in the morning but no chance to see the sun set in the evening. Definitely is not a holiday for me but a painstaking session. I definitely need more resources. Praying hard for a good bonus next year. Cheers…

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  1. kristie says:

    Jonathan absolutely enjoyed himself!

    btw, u mentioned that u are bf jonathan right? can’t u pump it out and let ur parents feed him with the EBM?

    Gd luck for a good bonus!

    ... on July December 20th, 2008
  2. Joanne Tiew says:

    Julie, Jonathan looked so big boy in the pic. Such an adorable boy.
    – If me, I will also feel uneasy with the open shower concept. I will quickly take my bath and come out from the room.

    ... on July December 20th, 2008
  3. Merryn says:

    it’s so nice to see jonathan looking like a fish in the water, he looks really comfortable in it….;)

    ... on July December 20th, 2008
  4. agnes says:

    nice family outing.. 😉 am sure Jonathan boy is having fun and so do everyone!!!

    ... on July December 21st, 2008
  5. Ryan mami says:

    Nice outing for the kids huh? 😉

    Hehe… i’ll feel uneasy with the open shower concept too!!

    ... on July December 21st, 2008
  6. debbie says:

    oh mind, i can see how much fun Jonathan had. Avillion PD…sighh!!! i wanted to go there long time ago but hubby rejected. 🙁

    ... on July December 21st, 2008
  7. Ann says:

    Poor mummy have to work!

    But even though the room was not big, the shower and the accessories and the pool and the sap seems to make up for it!

    Now, if only you were on holiday too!

    ... on July December 22nd, 2008
  8. lil prince's mum says:

    Jonathan’s very tall now~~

    ... on July December 22nd, 2008
  9. Aunty Next Door says:

    All this pics is shot using my camera? Wow! So long never use them and I really underestimated the ability. It is definitely a keeper. At least you can work in peace right?

    ... on July December 23rd, 2008
  10. andrewjune says:

    sure looks like a greta place to unwind though hehehe…
    ok wishing you hv a FATTER bonus next yr 🙂

    ... on July December 24th, 2008
  11. mc says:

    i’ve always wanted to visit avillion! at least you could bring jonathan and family with you:)

    ... on July December 29th, 2008

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